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Kevin Boyle — No One To Vote For July 17, 2014

Following the killing of four Gazan children by an Israeli shell whilst they were playing football on a beach (reported by the BBC here), condemnations of the Israeli government on radio phone-ins (in London, certainly) has reached a new pitch of intensity.
Of course all media outlets are committed to ‘balance’. so every criticism is matched with a Jewish contributor ranting, often hysterically, about the unfair criticism to which Israel has been subjected over the past days. Israel called a ceasefire and HAMAS BROKE IT!!! etc……
Such supporters of Israel (that includes, it would appear, a very large majority of Jews) do not understand why Hamas should not recognise an Israeli-announced “ceasefire” which is clearly nothing more than a PR exercise. A ceasefire that, ridiculously, Hamas were not involved in brokering.
Jews should understand that Hamas is not sending rockets into Israel just so that Israel will stop bombing Gaza. Hamas also demands some measure of decent treatment for its people…….such as that Gazans be allowed more than starvation-level food rations, that their border be opened, that they be allowed to trade etc., etc.
For the noisy, hysterical, phone-in Sayanim in the west it appears that what anything means for Gazans is, at best, irrelevant.
Here is a people who can steal a country, lock up the dispossessed in an open-air prison and slaughter them like rats in a bucket and then cry out in agony to the world as if they themselves are the victims in this situation.
As the Polish proverb says:
“The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.”
Perhaps this should be modernised to:
“The Jew cries out in pain as he bombs you.”
Most people associate this appalling and pitiful level of lack of empathy with the autistic or psychopathic personality.
How can we help Jews who support the persecution of Gazans to see the reality of the situation as most of the rest of us do?
Here is an idea.
There exist large northern towns densely infested by some of the ugliest Council estates imaginable.
Why don’t we:
Fill one such large estate with Jewish residents who have been expelled from their desirable homes in Stamford Hill and Golders Green.
Hand over these homes to the erstwhile residents of the Council houses.
Enclose the Jews-only estate with a fence that cannot be breached.
Bomb them occasionally.
Only allow enough food into the estate to barely keep them alive.
Destroy most of their supplies of clean water.
Forbid them from trading with anyone outside their estate.
Call anyone they elect to representative them terrorists.
If they get hold of cheap weaponry (as they one day probably will) and take to firing it randomly into the territory of their jailers, we slaughter a few thousand of them and fill the airwaves with the voices of local English people whining about how intolerable their lives have been made by said terrorists.
If we do all this for a few decades, will resident Jewish lobbies eventually see Gaza as we see it?
Don’t bet on it.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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