After They Stold the Hotel …

Thomas Friedman Asks: Can Jews Get a Room?

Unfortunately Thomas Friedman broke his silence on the Gaza atrocities in the New York Times Wednesday. No sympathy for the Palestinian people of course.
Here are the questions Friedman posed in his op ed:

1) Who is going to be the regional superpower — Egypt? Saudi Arabia? Iran? (he forgot to mention Apartheid Israel the only nuclear power among them with the fourth largest army in the world)?

2) Should there be a Jewish state in the Middle East and, if so, on what Palestinian terms(As if Palestinians have ever been in a position to dictate terms)?

3) Who is going to dominate Arab society — Islamists who are intolerant of other faiths and want to choke off modernity or modernists who want to embrace the future, with an Arab-Muslim face( his real concern though is the Persian-Muslim face and of course he lumps Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda in the same package, two of three of these organizations he fails to mention were born of Apartheid Israel’s murderous occupations)?

WHO OWNS THIS HOTEL? Here Friedman worries about the struggle for hegemony over the modern Arab world. Iran is now making a bid for primacy according to Friedman — challenging Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Iran has deftly used military aid to both Hamas and Hezbollah to create a rocket-armed force on Israel’s northern and western borders says Friedman. This enables Tehran to stop and start the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at will and to paint itself as the true protector of the Palestinians, as opposed to the weak Arab regimes, according to the Friedman. If only there was a protector of the Palestinians. Where was all of this Iranian military aide when Apartheid Israel started its Hanukkah murder campaign Tom? Where were the shoulder fired anti aircraft missiles, the anti-tank weapons and other sophisticated missiles that could have actually targeted things in Israel. Clearly Friedman got the AIPAC memo instructing all of its subjects to blame everything on Iran so we can promote the next war against those who oppose Apartheid Israel’s hegemony in the Middle East.

CAN THE JEWS HAVE A ROOM HERE? Why does Mr. Friedman worry about Jews getting a room when they have stolen the Hotel in the Middle East. And then there he goes with extreme Judaism’s official rallying cry, Hamas rejects any recognition of Israel. But which Apartheid Israel should Hamas recognize? The first Apartheid State stolen from them in 1948? Should they also recognize the Israeli land thefts since then in Jerusalem and the West Bank? Friedman goes on, “nothing has damaged Palestinians more than the Hamas death-cult strategy of turning Palestinian youths into suicide bombers”. This must of course be the work of Islamist radicals Friedman believes. No Mr. Friedman, the willingness of young Palestinians to blow themselves into smithereens along with as many Jews as they can find stems from the hideous injustices perpetuated upon them by your people, the Israeli’s, over the past sixty years. It is as simple as that.

SHOULDN’T WE BLOW UP THE BAR AND REPLACE IT WITH A MOSQUE? Here Mr. Friedman uses his favorite Zionist ploy, the shifting of attention to something and somewhere else. Friedman tells us, in the week that Israel has been slicing through Gaza(taking aim on United Nations relief efforts as well as Palestinians), Islamist suicide bombers have killed almost 100 Iraqis. But what does this have to do with the murderous actions of Apartheid Israel in Gaza? Friedman completes his op ed with the mush mouthed meaningless nonsense we have come to expect from our Zionist media.

But here is the bottom line Mr. Friedman. It is not about Islamists in the Middle East. It is about injustice. The Injustice of land theft, oppression and murder conducted by Israel against the Palestinian people. Its also about America’s support for the other tyrants you worry about in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The sooner the American people figure this out, the sooner we will be able to remove the Israeli albatross around out necks.