Do White People Need a Survival Strategy? — July 15, 2015

jewishsolidarityGreen: “Jews are definitely on the rise. Witness: money, commitment, power, pride, cohesion, and visibility. Whites however are moving in reverse. We are rapidly being displaced and we’re losing control of our culture, language and country. But please don’t mention this. (Views of this kind are considered ‘reactionary’ and maybe even racist!)”
Makow Comment: To put this discussion into context, the political and cultural leadership in the West is a proxy or colonial administrator for the Illuminati Jewish banking cartel which is pursuing a satanic (Cabalist Jewish) agenda of social engineering and world tyranny. For example, 9-11, gun-control and NSA-spying are measures to advance this agenda and protect its agents.

by Mark Green — (from Occidental Observer Site)

Whites are at a disadvantage in this modern competition since white (racial) solidarity–unlike Jewish solidarity–is taboo in America.
Why? The dominant Jewish narrative effectively bars whites from forming ethnic/racial teams the way Jews do. This keeps whites divided and off balance when competing against Jews.
At the same time, this double-standard allows Jewish teams to flourish. Jewish alliances enhance Jewish unity, boost Jewish morale, increase Jewish cooperation, and instill in Jews a sense of collective purpose. But please don’t mention this. (Saying so is considered antisemitic).

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