Iran’s lone Jewish MP compares Israel to Nazis over Gaza strikes

Haaretz — July 14, 2014

Iranian Jewish MP Marreh Sedq. Click to enlarge

Iranian Jewish MP Marreh Sedq. Click to enlarge

The lone Jewish member of Iran’s parliament on Monday likened Israel’s bombing of Gaza to the actions of Nazi Germany, the Iranian news agency Fars reported.

“The Zionist regime’s crimes are reminiscent of the actions taken by the German Nazis during the first [sic] and second World Wars,” Siamak Marreh Sedq told Fars.

He also compared Israel’s Operation Protective Edge to Saddam Hussein’s predations upon the Shi’ites of Iran and Iraq, a red flag in the Islamic republic.

Sedq, a 50-year-old physician, fills the parliamentary seat reserved for Jews, as a religious minority, going back over a century. He replaced long-time Jewish MP Maurice Motamed in 2008, and seems even more loyal to the Iranian line on Israel and anti-Semitism than his predecessor. Motamed publicly criticized former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial, while Sedq is not known for having ever broken ranks with the regime.

In a 2010 interview with Russia Today, he painted life for Iranian Jews in especially rosy colors: “Jews are safe in Iran. That’s true. Nobody needs guards. There has never been a single instance of anti-Semitism in Iranian society. This phenomenon belongs to the European, Christian world. There is no anti-Semitic sentiment in Iran. We have no attacks on synagogues or cemeteries as happens in Paris”.

Comment — July 14, 2014

I’m not going to comment Marreh Sedq’s comments other than to refer to his final statement.
It’s probably true that there isn’t any “anti-Semitic sentiment in Iran” as has happened with attacks on Synagogues in the West. That’s because nine times out of ten those “Anti-Semitic” outrages have been carried out by Zionist Jews.
That may sound like a contradiction in terms but Zionism feeds on “Anti-Semitism” and if Zionist activists cannot foment it they will fake it, as has been recorded on numerous occasions (see below).
It cannot be overemphasised: “anti-Semitism” empowers Zionism.
By creating a collective mindset among Jews that they are a persecuted minority they can be kept in line with the perceived threat of possible persecution. The spectre of “anti-Semitism” has been conjured up like a Golem to enable Zionist Jews to impose their will on the collective.
What’s more they can exploit it for their own political and financial benefit too.
That also why Zionists hate being compared to Nazis, it’s too close to the truth. Far from being victimized they are the persecutors who will resort to fraud and fabrication to promote the myth of their own persecution.

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