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Smoking Mirrors — July 12, 2014

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Sometimes real life can impact so greatly upon a person that the ability to comment on life external becomes limited. Maybe that’s a good thing. What can one say about the world outside that isn’t already known or roundly ignored already? Well, there’s a great deal one could say, since the world external is only a projection of the world internal. It has to make you wonder what is real. It also might make you remember those haunting words that echo across time; “what is truth?”
I engaged in some of my most spirited metaphysical and philosophical conversations these last two days with Michael, who was kind enough to travel some distance to see me and to get me on the internet. He’s a pretty amazing fellow who carries a certain amount of personal tragedy around with him as if it were an asset. I’m thinking that’s the only way to fly. Though I have no idea why what happened to me happened to me, except to say that it came about through mysterious force, for the very purpose of its happening, I am assured beyond the reach of evidence to support it that it happened for a very good reason. Something feels very right about this thing that would ordinarily be seen as very wrong.
Anyway, I noticed something that I haven’t experienced in some time and that is what happens when two minds in possession of a certain amount of information and available perspectives get together and catalyst occurs, producing something more than the sum of its parts. It makes you high. I’d forgotten about that aspect of human interaction, given the amount of time I have spent in solitude these last years and… there I was, going into even deeper solitude, it seemed, until this happened.
I’m left with a bit of a dilemma. Second guessing the ineffable, at least on my part, very often leads to teaching moments, attended by some degree of pain; even as has been noted most recently… a great deal of pain. Did I second guess the ineffable though? I can’t see where that happened given that I had to go somewhere. If anything, I was hesitant in making any choice and knowing for certain whatever it was it would disappoint someone. So… now… I am directing myself to a place where I will be accessible to a pretty large number of people and where I can employ all of whatever skills there are that I possess, on a regular basis. Then I’m going to leave the door wide open to whatever it is that the invisible has in mind for me. It might be this very thing. One thing for sure, I will definitely be having a social life if this comes to pass and it is certainly doable.
I was riding a wheel chair down into the garden today, as opposed to using a walker, given the distance involved and I started singing. What a surprise! The accident (there are no accidents) had affected the quality and timber of my voice. It was noticeable. How does that work? Talk about mysterious ways.
I wish I could share with you the contents of the conversations that took place these last hours but I suspect they will find their way into the blogs as time passes because everything meaningful and useful does; that is, if I am any judge of what that might be. Let me just say ‘meaningful’ and ‘useful’ to me. One thing I remember and… I don’t recall the context now but it had to do with awareness and truth, or as Michael prefers to call it, L’exactitude… anyway, I was saying, “You know, so long as we are manifest (except in special circumstances) we are engaged in some variant of subject/object, perceiver and perceived. We might even say, deceiver and deceived. No matter what, unless the flow of knowledge is of the sort of which Patanjai spoke, we’re going to fall short of the deeper and more essential meaning of anything. However… however, so long as we are aware of this in the process, something of value, leading in the direction of the heart’s deepest desires will result. That is to say that if we have achieved the state where we are in constant remembrance of our limitations, all of our limitations will work in concert toward a greater liberty. We don’t have to know why that is or what that is, only that it is.
It’s like that form of inexplicable confidence known as faith. You feel certain that something you cannot prove is more real than the seemingly real illusions that veil it from us. The closest one might come is to say, “I can feel it”. Of course, in some cases, we have some amount of actual experience that confirms our certitude beyond the necessity of concrete physical facts to substantiate something that doesn’t rest on them to begin with. It falls back upon my favorite explanation for how I get from here to there, presuming there is a difference and that is to say, in lieu of explanation “I have no visible means of support.” None of us do. What we have is our idea of what keeps us in place, that holds us together but… that can’t be us, right? I can find a dozen examples right off the cuff of why that just isn’t possible.
On and on it goes. As announced here back when those 3 got ‘allegedly’ kidnapped, we said it was a setup. It appears now that is the case. Meanwhile the borders and boundaries of good taste and credibility have now been pushed beyond anything seen before with news anchors showing the bombing of Gaza to be happening in Crime Syndicate Banker Nation. At the world cup some perspicacious individual got behind the announcers with a Shoa-ananas and gave the quenelle. The level of public awareness concerning this sorry spectacle of predators is rising like the New Orleans levies back when Brownie was doing a good job. Absolute insanity is going on at the American border.
More and more I am becoming increasingly aware of something of which I am pretty much completely unaware (detail wise); meaning… what The Hell is behind all these crazy antics? Is there purpose? Is it the logical expression of the illogical using the closest escape valve? Is it the invisible herders, herding the herders who think themselves to be that, you know, wolves in sheep’s clothing with faux Egyptian Pharaoh outfits from Central Casting? Is it the denouement of the inescapable progression into ever more chaotic madness, which is the certain result of materialism, as it reaches its particular iron lung stage? I don’t know and I’m sticking to it. Man! You’d think with all this empty land and all these disaster film extras crowded into the cities that there would be some piece of land somewhere that no one is using that I and my associates could build a snug cob house on and wait out the zombie apocalypse. It hurts to laugh but I’m laughing anyway and… I’m not laughing because it’s funny.
I cannot see what it is that is so organized in its opposition to our having a community on the terra firma to match the one we have in our heads. On occasion I thought it was me but… the two times I had active engagements in this very thing, they were a success, right up to where they transliterated into the next thing (I know that word is not appropriate but I’m using it anyway). There has to be some kind of a term for a word that sounds like it fits in a place where it doesn’t; similar to a word that sounds like what it is …say… ‘mellifluous’?
Although there is precedence for it (cave drawings and occult records, as well as snatches of garbled history), I haven’t put a great deal of stock into the possibility of ships appearing in the sky for the transportation of those vibrationally tuned for it, or the appearance of portals opening here and there and accessible for those who can see them, or dramatic quantum jumps in awareness, where one is the spaceship or conveyance or what have you. I’ve thought about these things. I’ve mentioned them in passing. I’ve certainly dreamed about them and hoped after them and thought to myself, “What else could possibly work?” Sure… we could hardscrabble our way up out of the flaming fields of Armageddon via some scenario like “The Road” or any number of those, drawing their particular portrait of these uncertain times, once real uncertainty gets hit, once the Ring Pass Not gets passed, metaphorically speaking.
I would love to see some sleek saucer appear in the sky as I hobble down the street. I can hear my name being called, “Visible… are you ready?’ Ah… duh. I don’t know what a New York Minute is going for these days or what it is composed of, but I am pretty sure it is one of those situations where I could say, “Keep the change!”
For whatever the reason, I am personally more calm and optimistically focused than I can remember being in some while. It’s completely out of realistic association with, at least, the appearance of my present state. I can’t shake the feeling that something very good happened to me but… that makes no sense whatsoever.. We’ve all had that feeling that something good is going to happen, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes the ‘something good’ is a less obvious thing. It slips into us in the dark of the night and we don’t notice or remember what it was that happened, only that things are significantly different somehow. One cannot say in what way this might be true. Perhaps it is just in the way that everything seems easier to handle than it was and so there’s just that much less stress and insecurity.
Of all the things going on out there at the moment… which of them is important or meaningful? Which of them will endure and come to something more than a place for pigeons to roost, underscored by a placard that no one reads…”Harumph… harumph. This statue is to honor some dumb shit that got a whole lot of people killed.” or… “wankers of the world unite, throw off your shackles and here, put these on. More comfy eh?” Why can’t there be a statue that says, “this monument is constructed to honor all of those who walked away from the stupidity and confusion of this ignorant world and refused to engage in activities that harmed their fellows. That will be the day.
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