Hollywood Routinely Casts Satan as Hero

henrymakow.com — July 10, 2014

Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in Lethal WeaponOmar came across this information in an April 1 review of Noah by “Taudarian” on the imdb forum: “Hollyweird has a major, major boner for the Book Of Enoch and Paradise Lost and have been casting Satan as the hero in lots of our favourite movies and shows for decades utilizing a literary technique called “the inverted hermeneutic”.’

by Omar — (henrymakow.com)

1. Murtaugh (Satan, Samyaza) and Riggs (Satan’s sidekick, Azazel) in Lethal Weapon. Samyaza, or Shemyaza, is the leader of the fallen angels, aka Watchers, in the Book of Enoch; a non-canonical text which is nonetheless quoted from once in the Old Testament. Samyaza is, then, the being everyone knows as Satan. These two ex-military guys go up against a Colonel and his henchman Joshua (Joshua = Yeheshua = Jesus). All these characters were on the same side once and served in Vietnam.
last_boy_scoutJoshua “hates Christmas” funnily enough, so he tells us, and is tortured to demonstrate his faith to his lord and master. A guy watching him says “Jesus Christ” three times to identify him as this is happening, in a reversal of the three times Jesus was denied by a disciple. Riggs, the chaotic master combatant, lives by the sea because he’s the Beast from the Sea. He has a furry companion (read your Quran people). He’s suspended. He falls from a great height. And he “dies” and comes back from the dead with a false miracle by using a kevlar vest. Murtaugh is the one who imposes law on the chaotic situations Riggs creates.
The writer, Shane Black, has said in interviews he loves “fallen heroes”. He went on to pen The Last Boy Scout, with a similar duo fallen from grace. Check out the movie poster for the tagline, “The Goal is to Survive.”
2. Will Turner (Samyaza) and Cpt Jack Sparrow (Azazel) in Pirates of the Caribbean…

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