US using ISIL to topple Maliki: Tarpley

Press TV — July 5, 2014

According to Joel C. Rosenbburg: most of the top Jordanian officials I spoke with recently warned of an “explosion” of Radical Islamic extremism and foreign jihadist fighters coming out of Syria that could threaten other nations in the region. Were they secretly instructed by U.S. trainers and are they now in Iraq? Click to enlarge

ISIL fighters on parade. Click to enlarge

Press TV has conducted an interview with Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, author and historian from Washington, to discuss the reports that US military instructors trained ISIL terrorists in Jordan in 2012.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Ryan Crocker’s assessment depicts a very urgent situation that needs to be dealt with very quickly, but at the same time many of Washington’s allies in the region, not to mention the US itself, have been involved in nurturing this very threat. Why does Crocker fail to mention this fact?

Tarpley: Ryan Crocker, we have to remember, was one of the people that John McCain, the Senator, demanded to put in charge of all US foreign and security policy a couple of weeks ago. McCain attacking Obama as not enough of a warmonger that he wanted General David Petraeus, General Keen and Ryan Crocker put in charge of everything. We have to remember that Ryan Crocker was the ambassador of the surge that is to say of the 2007-2008 increase in US occupation forces in Iraq which Bush and Cheney imposed.

He is a very dubious character but here is the thing that I would point out. The United States has never hesitated to bomb other countries. They are trigger happy and shoot from the hip. In this case we have this interesting contradiction.

On the one hand, we are told that ISIS is the end of the world. It’s catastrophic, it’s simply the apocalypse. But at the same time, there is no bombing and it seems to me what you are see is that the US is trying to use the existence of ISIS which the US, British, French, Saudis and Turks have created but to use the ISIS as a means of getting rid of the existing government of Iraq, of Maliki.

The US position is ISIS is the end of the world but we have to have Maliki out, otherwise we won’t do anything. And actually Putin has seen that contradiction and come in, offering these used but quite effective aircrafts that he used to supply to Iraq.

Press TV: How big is the threat that these terrorists will come and attack on the US soil?

Tarpley: I think this an attempt to exaggerate that, I think you have got the usual suspects, the kinds of contractors who are interested in selling security equipment to airports and things like that who are coming out of the woodwork and trying to cash in on this situation and of course the idea that 911 was something conducted from a cave in Afghanistan. This mythology is unfortunately still with us and now there is an attempt to revive it.

But again, if you look at, it’s supposed you are an ISIS militant. As long as you are in Syria, an ISIS militant is still considered a hero of democracy by the US but as soon as that ISIS fighter crosses into Iraq, then they become a threat to world civilization and I think the obvious thing to do for the US is indeed not to bomb anybody but to work with existing governments, to strengthen the Assad government in Syria and the Maliki government in Iraq and let those governments restore law and order in their own territory. That would be the best thing but of course it means that the US should not provide five hundred million dollars to that infamous camp in Jordan which appears to be where some of the main people in ISIS were trained.

And there is also this question of Baghdadi, now the leader of this self-proclaimed caliphate. Baghdadi has all of the earmarks of somebody who is acting as a double agent for the US, somebody who was trained to do that during his four years in a prison camp. Why doesn’t the US tell Baghdadi also to cool it and while we were at it, tell the Saudis to stop supplying money and logistics? If you did that, ISIS would deflate, I think, rather rapidly.


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