Israelis Also Suffer from Gaystapo Terror — July 4, 2014

Moshe Feiglin. Click to enlarge

Moshe Feiglin. Click to enlarge

Even Israelis are victims of the Illuminati Jewish plan to destabilize and re-engineer humanity by undermining gender, marriage and family.
Here, Deputy Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, Moshe Feiglin comes to the defense of Education Minister Shai Piron who was forced to apologize and self-flagellate for suggesting gay “families” aren’t real.
“Like a pack of wolves descending, at the sound of a whistle, on the poor guy who strayed from the fold, so everyone jumped on Piron,” Feiglin wrote on Facebook. … No discussion, no debate, nothing that comes close to that – just chop off the head that peeked and leave the other heads buried deep inside the trenches, for fear of that terror.”
“And all this is done in the name of the values of courage and freedom… so who is locked inside the closet now? Shai Piron? Or [homosexual MK and gay rights advocate] Nitzan Horowitz?”
Feiglin added that the state has no right to prevent people from choosing to live in whatever kind of relationship they prefer, but “the attempt to force a new statement of values upon the majority, through legislation that is accompanied by Politically Correct terror, is unacceptable.”
— MK Feiglin Stop Gay Terror
(Editor’s Note: Although I disagree with some of Moshe Feiglin’s other views, I believe in joining forces wherever there is common ground.)

The Politically Correct Inquisition

by Moshe Feiglin — ( July 4, 2014

IDF-gay-soldiers. Click to enlargeJust be quiet!
All the political warning bells are going off in my head.
Are you crazy?
Let Education Minister Piron, sizzle by himself on the Inquisition bonfire. You don’t have anything else to do in this heat besides to cook along with him? Do you owe him a favor? In politics, one has to know how to talk and no less important, when to remain silent.
But that is precisely the point. It is not about Piron and the uproar that ensued when, in an interview a few days ago he said, “It is the right of Israel, perhaps even its obligation, to tell same-sex couples that they could not be considered ‘families.'” The warning bells trying to convince me to keep my mouth shut are the reason why I must speak out.

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