3 Boys for the West Bank

Roy Tov — roytov.com July 2, 2014

Yesterday were found the bodies of the three settler students kidnapped after 10PM of Thursday, June 12, 2014.*

Impossible Kidnapping

Erroneous official declarations detached from reality, strange statements by the Mossad, odd images of irrational searches by the IDF, and an unexpected count of “days since the kidnapping” by the media ended in the afternoon of June 30. Shortly afterwards, President Peres reacted in the planned way, saying: “The entire nation lowers its head today under the weight of grief to heavy to carry. 18 Days the people prayed in one voice that the fate of the wonderful youngsters will be to be found alive…”

Allow me a brief reminder of the main problematic events in the affair.

At first, Israel blamed the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). After Hebrew media had laughed, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas were blamed. Finally, the latter was fully blamed by Israel.

The event took place in Area C of the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority is not responsible for it and thus cannot be blamed. Hamas is active mainly in Gaza; it does not have the resources needed for a kidnapping in the West Bank where it faces the Israeli Shin Beth and the Palestinian Authority secret police.

Shortly after, in Mossad Predicted Netanyahu’s Kidnapping of Settlers while official declarations claimed that the boys were alive, I wrote: “Even before the bodies were found, Israel was fast to accuse and attack. If my suspicion is true, then they will appear dead, in order to avoid their describing the kidnapping event.”

The Judea and Samaria District of the Police was oddly involved in the event. Click to enlarge

The Judea and Samaria District of the Police was oddly involved in the event. Click to enlarge

From the beginning, even Hebrew media questioned the event, questioning the unlikely pamphlet upon which Israel based its blame on the ISIL. The obvious fake was allegedly issued by the ISIL. Another suspicious issue was a mysterious car was found burned near the kidnapping site and not far from Hebron.

The kidnapping was perpetrated by somebody with a good knowledge of Israeli hitchhiking practices.+ The three kidnapped students were hitchhiking despite their colleges forbidding that because there is very little public transport in the area.

Palestinian and Jewish-owned vehicle registration plates

Jewish-owned vehicle registration plates

Despite their breaking the regulations, there are certain rules that they were unlikely to violate. I extracted the plates from the image above. The truck plate is yellow. It means that it is a Jewish-owned vehicle. The car on the side has a Palestinian plate, in green and white; in the past West Bank plates were blue or green and those in Gaza silver.

Palestinian plates

Palestinian plates

This is very handy in barriers; yellow cars are allowed to pass while others are checked. It is also very convenient for those hitchhiking. No Jewish hitchhiker will board a car that is not Israeli. This is the most basic rule, unlikely to have been broken by West Bank settlers.

Thus, the three were kidnapped by an Israeli car. The car found was probably the one used for the kidnapping. It had yellow plates and thus was trusted. The driver must have spoken Hebrew with a good enough accent; speaking with the driver is the second strict rule.

After the kidnapping, I assessed “the unconscious or dead victims were transferred to a safer car and the first one was burned in order to avoid its identification. It may have helped to identify Israeli accomplices.” Close enough, now it has been disclosed that they had been killed in the car following an incredible development.

Look at the burnt car below. The plate is missing. It did not burn beyond recognition; Israeli plates are sturdy. It was taken to hide incriminating evidence. The kidnapping described by Israeli authorities was impossible, something different happened there.

the Mystery car being removed from the scene.

the Mystery car being removed from the scene.

Point Blank Killing

In the days following the event, relatives of the boys kept saying that they have been told unpublished information by the IDF. After the bodies were found, the amazing detail was disclosed.

The bodies were found in Khirbet Arnaba (Arnaba Ruins), north of the village of Halhul, in the northern outskirts of Hebron. The bodies had been hurriedly buried in a wadi (a narrow stream), between Halhul and Beit Kahil.

Shortly before the kidnapping, the families received calls from the kids telling that they were on the way home. Now it was disclosed that one of them called the police from the car.

A few minutes after boarding the car, Gilad Shaar from Talmon called the Israeli Police emergency number. In this case, the call reached the Judea and Samaria District of the Police shown in the picture above.

It means that they board the car willingly without having any suspicions on the driver. The driver made an unexpected U-turn, and Gilad got suspicious.

Hiding his movements, he dialed 100. After the call was answered, he whispered “I had been kidnapped.” The Hebrew is short (“hatfu oti”), thus this could not be stopped.

The call was recorded and has now been released. After the two words, somebody shouts in Hebrew “Head down! Head down! Down!” Following shouts, three groups of gunshots can be heard, cries of pain and then the call is cut. Member of the Knesset Shelly Yachimovich can be heard in the radio of the car.

Police stations are not pizzerias. The latter could have assumed that the call was a practical joke. The police, especially a district headquarters in a war zone cannot say that. Yet, Israel Police waited almost five hours before entering in action.

They intentionally allowed time for hiding the bodies. They were buried in the place described above, the car surrounded the city of Hebron and was burned south of it.

In the funeral, Gilad’s father said “From the moment I heard your brave whisper on the phone, I heard in my ears a tremendous voice and I stood up in full stature [in pride]. What a remarkable act, braveness and power of someone who did not celebrate his 17 birthday.”

Israel Dances on Blood

The Israeli version does not hold water, a Hebrew idiom for an argument full of logical holes. The Shin Beth secret police arrested two Palestinian men, Marwan Kawasme and Amar Abu-Aysha. Both had been in Israeli prison and were in the IDF/Shin Beth wanted list. Their wives reported that they went missing after the kidnapping. Entrapped? Drugged? Impersonated? We will never know.

The event contains the mark of a PSYWAR operation. It created a powerful symbol that will not allow the victims to forget.

9/11 is a date mainly to Americans. Most people in the world favor 11/9. In the 2001 Twin Towers attack in New York, this date was not chosen randomly.

911 Is the American emergency number. Since then, Americans are constantly remembered of the tragedy; 9/11 stickers are in all public spaces. It is a perfect manipulation of people’s fears. Scare and Rule is the latest development in political theory.

Something similar happened now in Israel. The media counted days hysterically. President Peres emphasized the 18 days passed.

Chai (live, alive) and 18. Click to enlarge

Chai (live, alive) and 18. Click to enlarge

In Jewish culture, the number 18 is a symbol of life. The necklaces reading “chai” mean “live” and “18.” Jewish men and women do not marry, they make a commercial contract. They sign a “ktuva” (“written”), a written agreement in which the husband promises to pay a given sum if he divorces his wife. Multiples of 18 are a popular sum in a ktuva due to their symbolizing life. The number 18 can be seen on Israeli streets more than 911 in New York.

18 Days took the IDF to find the bodies buried less than ten minutes away from where they had been kidnapped, while the alleged perpetrators were in custody.

From now on, Israelis seeing the number 18 will see death instead of life. As subtly instructed by their government, they will blame Palestinians.

Annexing the West Bank

In recent months, the unofficial annexation of the West Bank by Israel is speeding up. It was declared as such by President Rivlin, who will replace Peres on July 27.

On June 29, PM Netanyahu announced the construction of a border fence along the Jordan River in its West Bank stretch that will remain under Israeli control, see Netanyahu’s Caliphate.

Hours after the bodies were found, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel’s response will include a wave of settlement construction and the establishment of a new settlement in memory of the teenagers in what was until now the G’vaot outpost. This had been prepared beforehand; choice the spot demanded planning.

“Brave whisper … a tremendous voice, and I stood up in full stature,” said Gilad’s father, unaware that he would bury himself underground in eternal shame if he knew the truth.

3 Boys for a piece of land; shame on you PM Netanyahu!

+ Hitchhiking Stations in Israel
Hebrew/Arabic slang can get amusing. The word “tremp” was adopted from German “trampen” and refers to “hitchhiking.” Being impossible to conjugate it according to Hebrew rules, “trempiada” was the unlikely word created to denote a hitchhiking station. Trempiadot is its plural.

Kiryat Gat Trempiada. Click to enlarge

Kiryat Gat Trempiada. Click to enlarge

The iconic Question Mark Trempiadot are the most visible action of Friends of the Israel Defense Forces. These are fortified concrete constructions with heavy metal bars in front of them, so that soldiers have a shelter while waiting for a tremp. Intentional accidents happen; these trempiadot block them. Question Mark Trempiadot are the only places were soldiers are allowed to hitchhike, though probably this is the most disobeyed order in the IDF.

The IDF provides transport only to and from large bases, mainly within the “Iron Triangle.” Soldiers often move in areas without public transport and are forced to hitchhike. They are favored targets.

"Don't Catch a Tremp, It Can Catch You!" Bus Station Poster in Israel. Click to enlarge

“Don’t Catch a Tremp, It Can Catch You!”
Bus Station Poster in Israel. Click to enlarge

On February 16, 1989, two Israeli soldiers, Avi Sasportas and Ilan Saadon, were kidnapped and later killed by Hamas militants, in what was the first high-profile operation of this organization. In October 1994, Nachshon Wachsman suffered a similar fate. One of the Sayeret Matkal commando soldiers attempting to free him, Team Commander Nir Poraz, was also killed. In their quiet, questioning way, trempiadot are a war front.

On June 4, 2013, Yediot Ahronot, Hebrew largest paid-newspaper, published the trempiada pictures opening this article. The images were taken near Kiryat Gat, where the central semi-arid zone becomes the southern desert. The swastika is easily recognizable. Following a complaint, Chief Superintendent Ofer Shumer of the town’s police station said: “We view such expressions of hatred with the utmost severity and we shall employ all available means to track down the perpetrators.”

I couldn’t avoid taking a close look at the Hebrew texts, which kept amusing surprises. The only text that looks written by a native speaker is the half-deleted red one. However, its text is half-Hebrew half-Arabic, stating “Arabs (are) Prostitutes;” the last word is in Arabic written with Hebrew characters, though it is a word used colloquially by Hebrew-speakers. The word “Arabs” was deleted in black and near it was written “The Jews” and an arrow was added linking the new graffiti with the word “Prostitutes.” The hand that wrote this is confident and used to write from right-to-left, but the letters are a bit askew. They could have been written by Palestinians, as the newspaper claims.

The graffiti at the top shows a similarly simplistic message. “Death to Arabs” was deleted, “Death to Jews” was written, with askew letters. The writer didn’t learn how to properly draw the letters (the odd “tav” was almost for sure written by an Arabic speaker).

Until here, this is expected and, sadly, common. Yet, the graffiti on the right side, is worth gold. It reads “Son of a Prostitute.” The letters were written by someone who seems to ignore the different height of Hebrew letters (note the tiny lamed; no native Hebrew writer will keep it at the same height as other letters). The text is also peculiar. Neither Hebrew speakers nor Arabic ones will say “Son of a Prostitute,” skipping the proper possessive. “Prostitute’s Son” would be the favored form. The long form used belongs to a foreign speaker. In the far past, I heard this mistaken phrase time and again uttered by Russians, who refused to accept the sweet delicacies of Semitic languages. After the 1990s Russian immigration, Kiryat Gat became practically a suburb of Moscow. The hottest New Moscow in the world, worldwide renown exporter of hate-graffiti.


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