Israeli Gaza raid kills 180, wounds 800

Israeli warplanes have carried out a massive airstrike on Hamas security compounds inside the Gaza Strip, killing at least 180 and wounding 800 others.

At least 180 people have been killed and 800 other Palestinians have been wounded in the Israeli blitz, a Press TV correspondent reported from the Gaza Strip.

Television footages showed the bodies of dead people including men, women and children on Gaza streets.

Hamas radio reported that police chief of the police headquarter, Tawfiq Jabber, was among the dead.

Israel F16 bombers and apache helicopters carried out at least 30 simultaneous raids on at least 30 separate targets in Gaza City.

Israeli tanks are said to be moving closer to the impoverished region which has been under a strict Israeli-imposed blockade.

Israeli authorities have announced that they would continue the attacks.

Israeli Military spokesman Avi Benayahu told army radio on Saturday that the massive Israeli attack is “only just beginning”.

The strikes have caused widespread panic and confusion among the Gaza residents who have refused to withdraw their support form the Hamas resistance movement.

Hamas does not recognize Israel as a legitimate state.

A Hamas spokesman said Israel will pay a heavy price for the attacks.

Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum told our correspondent that Tel Aviv carried out the strikes after receiving green light from its allies and certain regional countries.

Barhoum described the raids as ‘collective punishment’ of Palestinians.

Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas in West Bank said in a statement that he “condemns this aggression” , according to an aide, Nabil Abu Rdeneh.