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The bogus and Western-backed "humanitarian" group, the Syrian White Helmets pose for the cameras. Click to enlarge

Syrian White Helmets try to rebuild lives in Canadian exile

Or how the Guardian has become a prime disinformation outlet for Western intelligence

Lindsey Graham Says President Trump Is Slowing Down Syria Withdrawal

‘We’re in a pause situation.’

The Sexual Subversion of Ukraine

The Sexual Subversion of Ukraine

How the US and its allies are using the LGBT movement to undermine Russian influence in Ukraine

A still from a Russian government video shows the Kinzhal hypersonic missile detaching from a MiG-31 aircraft. Click to enlarge

Russia’s New Avangard Hypersonic Nuke Missile Prompts Panic in US – German Media

The head of U.S. Strategic Command admits that America has “no defence” against Russia’s new hypersonic weapons

Jewish Lobby Turns on Trump

Jewish Lobby Turns on Trump

Senator Lindsey Graham is reportedly already working on Trump to get him to change his mind about the Syrian pullout

[Odin/Wotan God Of The Germans]

Odinism- Michael Berg Explains Nazi Religion

It’s clear that the Nazis weren’t Christians but adhered to pre-Christian, pagan beliefs.

Retailers Rejecting Customers’ Cash As More Ban Paper Money

The elite want a cashless society as it gives more powers of surveillance and control. As in no one will be allowed to buy or sell unless he has the “Mark of the Beast”

Happy New Year from Gilad Atzmon

Happy New Year from Gilad Atzmon

Gilad asks: are you ready for what 2019 holds in store?

Angela Jolie, pictured left with presenter Justin Webb on Radio 4's Today programme. The Hollywood star has spoken of the need for reliable source in a media landscape clouded by fake news. Click to enlarge

Angelina Jolie will combat fake news as producer of new BBC World Service Program

Hollywood star to lead BBC campaign against “fake news”

Christmas 2018: Iran and Syria show respect, Israel and Saudi Arabia don’t

Neil Clark highlights the West’s allies spectacular hypocrisy over Christmas

Come and Taste the Living Waters of the Eternal and Conscious Light

Come and Taste the Living Waters of the Eternal and Conscious Light

I’ll grant that he has become an over the top satire of himself but… never have I seen an American President under fire like I see Donald Trump

United Way logo contains Illuminati symbols: dot in circle and sunrise. Click to enlarge

Are United Way Volunteers Joining a Cult?

United Way volunteers must submit to invasive control.

To Win The 2020 Race Trump Will Need To Fire More Of His Staff

Overruling his advisors by ending U.S. participation in the Syrian war was a good start, writes Moon of Alabama, but President Trump will need to do a lot more

A child soldier poses with a libyan helmet, a cigarette and a Soviet-made AK-47 Kalashnikov on April 05, 1987 in Kalait (16th parallel), after the defeat of Lybian army during the Chadian-Libyan conflict. (Photo credit should read DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP/Getty Images)

Saudi Arabia Hires Child Soldiers From Darfur To Fight In Yemen: Report

The Saudis reportedly offered desperate Sudanese families as much as $10,000 to enlist their children to fight in the war

Satanism comes to North Carolina State University as a student club

Satanism comes to North Carolina State University as a student club

Like same-sex marriage, the real issue here is about the mainstreaming of Satanism in society

US Navy submarine breaks through the ice in the Beaufort Sea off the coast of North Alaska. Click to enlarge

U.S. Navy to flex muscles in Arctic: ‘Opportunity for conflict is only rising’

The U.S. Navy is falling behind Russia in the race to dominate the Arctic and, in the view of this website, it may never catch up

Blue Beams Caught On Film: Take out Power Lines in NYC

Blue Beams Caught On Film: Take out Power Lines in NYC

Is this how homes in California were turned to ash during fires last year while the trees around were left undamaged?

Helsingborg police station, Sweden, after a recent bomb blast. Click to enlarge

Security Expert: Sweden is “On the Way to Civil War”

A former security advisor by the governments of Pakistan, Ethiopia and Mongolia, says that Sweden is close to becoming a “failed state”

People from Maren Ueland's hometown walk in a torch-lit march to honor Maren Ueland from Norway and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen from Denmark. Clickm to enlarge

Swedish media blasted for playing down horrific details of hikers’ IS-inspired murders

Swedish media’s omission of key facts raises questions about the culpability of political correctness in the backpacker’s deaths

Recent Airstrike in Syria Shows Israelis Are Changing Tactics

Recent Airstrike in Syria Shows Israelis Are Changing Tactics

Former UK envoy to Syria says the Israeli Air Force is “no longer fearless”. With improved Syrian air defences they are now using civilian planes as sheilds