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The Syrian White Helmets with their terrorist friends. Click to enlarge

Israel evacuates ‘White Helmets’ from Syria border

Terrorist linked crisis actors evacuated at the request of the UK government whose Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, described them as “the bravest of the brave”.

Trump Trips, But He's Right On Russia. Our Ruling Class Is Crazy. Remember the Romanovs!

Trump Trips, But He’s Right On Russia. Our Ruling Class Is Crazy. Remember the Romanovs!

More on the hysterical U.S. media response to Trump’s Helsinki meeting with President Putin

The West’s Fury and Bitterness About Russia’s Successes

The West’s Fury and Bitterness About Russia’s Successes

The World Cup has been a resounding PR success for President Putin, writes Brian Cloughley. Although you wouldn’t think so from the Western media coverage

Putin Goes ‘Off-Script’, Slams ‘Forces’ in the USA Undermining Russia Relations

President Putin elaborates on the content of his recent talks with President Trump. Warns of powerful forces in the U.S. that place their own narrow group interests over and above national interests. (In Russian with English subtitles).

New British Information Unit Fighting ‘Alternative News’, Promoting Govt-Approved ‘Facts’

New British Information Unit Fighting ‘Alternative News’, Promoting Govt-Approved ‘Facts’

UK government sets up a tax-payer funded unit to counter “alternative news”

TREVOR NOAH Responds to the French Ambassador

TV talk show host Trevor Noah was attacked by the French Ambassador to the U.S. for calling the French World Cup 2018 team “African”. Here is his response

Tents in which migrants live are seen in a makeshift camp along the Quai de Valmy of the canal Saint-Martin. Click to enlarge

Illegal migrants in Paris suburb soar to 400,000 as hundreds of migrant children sleep on streets

Up to 20 percent of the population of the Parisian suburb Seine-Saint-Denis may be illegal migrants

The US Democratic Party is Communist--David Horowitz

The US Democratic Party is Communist–David Horowitz

Our schools have been transformed “into doctrinal training centers for [communist] social and political causes.” Includes video

In recording, Netanyahu boasts Israel convinced Trump to quit Iran nuclear deal

“We convinced the US president [to exit the deal],” Netanyahu says (in Hebrew)

Time magazine’s ‘creepy’ Putin-Trump cover is what media subversion really looks like

Time magazine’s ‘creepy’ Putin-Trump cover is what media subversion really looks like

The media’s campaign against Trump begins to look like a concerted psy-op

The Arrest of Maria Butina Is Another Hoax

Many uninformed people think that President Trump is in charge of the US government. He is not. And he would be assassinated if he were

Alexander Litvinenko in Hospital

British Assassination Campaign Targeting Russian Exiles?

In recent years at least 14 Russian nationals living in the UK have met untimely ends. Is this proof of Russia’s malign ways, asks Finian Cunningham? Or Britain’s?

The Coming Coup to Overthrow President Trump: Sedition at the Highest Levels

The U.S. military-industrial-security complex needs an enemy to justify their inflated budgets. Trump’s move to ease tensions with Russia threatens that. Hence the concerted campaign to portray him as a “traitor”

World Cup celebrations turn violent in France. Click to enlarge

Belgian political leader predicts European civil war is near, as governments are losing control

Riots after France’s World Cup win left two dead, prompt Belgian politician to warn that European cities could become ungovernable

Zuckerberg On Denial and Being Wrong

Zuckerberg On Denial and Being Wrong

Gilad Atzmon on Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s policy on Holocaust denial

Ron Radosh & Hollywood's Communist Pedigree

Ron Radosh & Hollywood’s Communist Pedigree

Controlling both sides in a debate to completely control of the narrative. Ron Radosh is an example of the fact that “anti Communism” today is wholly Zionist.

Breaking: Insiders Reveal Secret Deal to Topple Iran Government!

Insider Sibel Edmonds and Spiro Skouras discuss revelations over a secret deal to topple the Iranian government

The Syrian White Helmets: the terrorists PR operatives/crisis actors. Click to enlarge

Syria moves to retake control over Golan Heights from terrorists

Meanwhile the Western allies are also reportedly considering plans to evacuate hundreds of Syrian White Helmets crisis actors and relocate them to the West

First 50 families of farmers from South Africa may soon resettle in Russia

If the relocation is a success thousands of other white farmers could follow and South Africa could end up going down the same road as Zimbabwe

Iran’s Army plans to procure 800 Karrar advanced battle tanks

Iran to supply the Iranian Army and Revolutionary Guard Corps with the locally developed Karrar tanks, which is thought to have been modelled on Russia’s T-90