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USS Nimitz aircraft carrier during RIMPAC 2013. Click to enlarge

Iran says US Navy fires warning shots near its vessels

In the latest close encounter in the gulf, Iran says the USS Nimitz fired warning shots at Iranian vessels

West hardens tone on Iran

Because the Trump administration is looking for grounds to declare the 2015 nuclear accord with Tehran null and void

Goyim are Animals- The Talmudic NWO

Goyim are Animals- The Talmudic NWO

All the cues in our culture support the view that we are nothing but animals

The Chinese Have Realised That Washington is Evil

Russia and China have finally caught on that the democratic rhetoric issuing from Washington is a cloak for the evil that is the operating force of the US government.

NASA Confirms Falling Sea Levels For Two Years Amidst Media Blackout

NASA Confirms Falling Sea Levels For Two Years Amidst Media Blackout

Another item that hasn’t been widely reported because it contradicts the official narrative

Remember Gaza

‘Children are routinely tortured by their interrogators’ reports a US doctor. While a kid helping a friend injured in a protest will be charged with assisting a ‘terrorist’

A Palestinian child with cancer recieves treatment in Gaza city hospital. Click to enlarge

My child died before my eyes

“We are living in a cemetery”, says bereaved Palestinian mother as the sick and vulnerable pay the price for ongoing conflict

Is Gaza-Sinai state a possibility for Palestinians?

In the background, an ominous deadline is rapidly approaching. Gaza is expected to be “uninhabitable” within a few years, according to UN forecasts

One Killed in Hamburg Supermarket Attack

One Killed in Hamburg Supermarket Attack

Initial reports about the knife attack omit one key detail. Was this deliberate? We know our “news” is effectively censored but is that censorship now even more stringent?

Slicker and Quicker than Any Metaphorical Liquor at the Chimera Cafe.

Slicker and Quicker than Any Metaphorical Liquor at the Chimera Cafe.

We are about to see lightning quick changes that could well take your breath away. What I am hearing is that come the fall the economy is going to do just that

The Iranian Simorgh rocket was launched Thursday. Click to enlarge

U.S. calls Iranian satellite launch ‘provocative’

The U.S. State Department claims Thursday’s launch may be in breach of United Nations Security Council resolution

Britain’s new aircraft carriers to test Beijing in South China Sea

As soon as they’ve finished their sea trails Britain’s new aircraft carriers will be deployed to the South China Sea.

Su-35's Incredible Performance

Su-35’s Incredible Performance

Watch Russia’s Su-35 seemingly defy the laws of physics in a spectacular display at the recent MAKS air show

RFK Jr. & his late wife Mary. He has since married Cheryl Hines who played Larry David's wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Click to enlarge

Danger! Women with Borderline Personality Disorder

Ten per cent of US women have BPD and are time bombs

BBC Refuses to Report on Muslim Mob Who Attacked Whites For Being “Non-Muslims”

For the BBC some hate crimes are more newsworthy than others, especially when carries out by whites. However, when the roles are reversed the BBC imposes a news blackout

Hate PLC

Hate PLC

The government commits £13.4 million to a Jewish group that fights anti-Semitism, and what happens? Figures for anti-Semitic incidents go through the roof

Iran in ‘successful’ test of satellite-launch rocket

Iran has launched four other locally produced satellites since 2009, sparking concern in the West as the technology could be used in ballistic missiles.

The Beauty of Anything is in the Heart of the Beholder

The Beauty of Anything is in the Heart of the Beholder

Finally, in the tradition of a broken clock having the correct time twice a day, Trump did something right. Smoking Mirrors explains

The Ruling Elite: Psychic Predictions about The Cleansing Yajna

Psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker’s view of the Ruling Elite and how elitism, corporate monopolies and the financial oligarchy is creating a society of slaves

Why Can't People See What's Happening?

Why Can’t People See What’s Happening?

Riots in Cleveland in 1966 and Detroit in 1967 weren’t spontaneous protests against racism. Agents provocateurs were involved. Just like today