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GOOGLE blacklists Natural News…

GOOGLE blacklists Natural News…

Removes 140,000 pages from its index… “memory holes” Natural News investigative articles on vaccines, pharma corruption, fraudulent science and more

Trump to be Impeached For Treason? — An Interview with ‘The Saker’

Trump to be Impeached For Treason? — An Interview with ‘The Saker’

This interview with ‘The Saker’ never took place. But as Lasha Darkmoon explains, every word spoken by the Saker here is an exact quote from the Saker’s own writings.

Photo of police vehicle in Stockholm during rioting, Feb. 20, 2017: AP Images

Swedish Police: Government Covering Up Huge Migrant Crime Spree

A Swedish police officer warns that the Swedish authorities were covering up a massive crime wave largely committed by newly arrived immigrants

The War Hawks Rolled Donald Trump

With Mike Flynn removed, Trump is now being boxed in by hawkish, anti-Russian military in his cabinet and by a hawkish Vice-President. Moon of Alabama explains

Chicago Style Pizza-Gate Reverse Kundalini, Houdini.

Chicago Style Pizza-Gate Reverse Kundalini, Houdini.

What we are dealing with here is the ‘forest for the trees syndrome’. It is right in front of us but it is concealed or obscured by what seems to be right in front of us

Liberals Beware: Lie Down With Dogs, Get Up With Fleas

What really concerns me is the emerging alliance between the Dems, the agenda-driven media, the deep-state agencies, the all-powerful foreign policy establishment and the progressives that are desperate to get rid of Trump by hook or crook

Pedophilia/Child Murder More than Just Blackmail

Pedophilia/Child Murder More than Just Blackmail

Why is pedophilia so important? The stairway to absolute magical power always was a prepubescent child from before puberty…. A voodoo adept explains

The Illusion of Freedom: The Police State Is Alive and Well

There is something being concocted in the dens of power, far beyond the public eye, and it doesn’t bode well for the future . John W. Rutherford explains

IRGC missile launch Monday, Feb 20, 2017. Click to enlarge

Iran ready to give U.S. ‘slap in the face': commander

The commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards warned the U.S. on Wednesday not to underestimate Iran’s defensive capabilities

Planes, Tanks, Ships: Russian Military Gets Massive Upgrade

Advanced new weapons, thousands of new drones and the formation of three new divisions mark a sweeping upgrade in Russia’s combat capability

Chaos in Sweden

Chaos in Sweden

The situation in Sweden is dire. Citizen journalists there are now forced to use pseudonyms as it is too dangerous to use their real names. Includes videos

Burning cars in Rinkeby, Stockholm. Click to enlarge

“It Looks Like A War Zone”: Trump Vindicated After Violent Riot Erupts In Swedish Suburb

Days after the media mocked Trump’s comments on Sweden, rioting erupts in Stockholm and the media barely mentions it

Top Yemen commander killed as rebels hit back

Army deputy chief of staff killed in missile attack by Iranian backed Houthis

Chinese dredging vessels are purportedly seen in the waters around Mischief Reef in the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea in this still image from video taken by a P-8A Poseidon surveillance aircraft provided by the United States Navy May 21, 2015. REUTERS/U.S. Navy/Handout via Reuters. Click to enlarge

Exclusive – China finishing South China Sea buildings that could house missiles: U.S. officials

Buildings with retractable roofs resemble other structures that house Chinese long-range surface-to-air missiles

In good company: the now notorious Jimmy Savile photographed with a younger Tony Blair. Click to enlarge

Jimmy Savile Was a Limited Hang Out

“Savile knew his reputation was going to be sacrificed after his death.”

Race-hate attacker SPAT into BABY'S face and shouted 'white people shouldn't breed'

Race-hate attacker SPAT into BABY’S face and shouted ‘white people shouldn’t breed’

Would the perpetrator, who has been convicted for similar offences, have walked free if he had been white?

U.S. NATO’s Aerial Units In Europe. Now, The Helicopters Come In Waves After M1 Abrams.

We hope Trump is sincere in seeking rapprochement with Russia. Because NATO’s build-up in eastern Europe suggests otherwise

The Conference State dinner Feb 18, 2017, 11pm

The hijacking of the Munich Security Conference

History teaches us this – every time a System collapses, its leaders do not realise the truth until they are swept away by the storm. Thierry Meyssan explains

That Woven Spiritual Steel that is Forged in the Crucible of Trial.

That Woven Spiritual Steel that is Forged in the Crucible of Trial.

Be strong and know that as you resist and maintain in your faith you are being changed within. Spiritual steel is being woven into your frame. Les Visible explains

Trump Dreams vs Trump Reality – Hopes Still Permitted!

Trump Dreams vs Trump Reality – Hopes Still Permitted!

The Saker on why all is not entirely lost under Trump