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HBO's "Girls" Celebrates Dysfunction

HBO’s “Girls” Celebrates Dysfunction

In a healthy society, a train wreck like Lena Dunham would be a painful embarrassment. But in a satanically possessed society, she is feted as the new normal

Trump’s Holocaust remembrance statement leaves out mention of Jews

The U.S. President’s statement called for remembrance of ‘victims, survivors and heroes,’ but nowhere does it mention Jews or anti-Semitism.

Mischa Barton Under “Psychiatric Evaluation” After Breaking Down And Screaming That Her Mother Is a Witch

Mischa Barton Under “Psychiatric Evaluation” After Breaking Down And Screaming That Her Mother Is a Witch

The latest celebrity to have a breakdown while alluding to the occult and supernatural

Double Standards: Where Were the Liberal Protestors During Obama’s Wars?

The election of Donald Trump has sent millions onto the streets to protest. But where were these people when Obama was bombing wedding parties in Kandahar?

The Coyote Uprising in America

The Coyote Uprising in America

Led by George Soros, who has announced that the secret war against Trump is moving into its open phase

Obama’s Legacy: War Without End

Where George Bush secured congressional authorization for the two major wars he fought, Obama launched two undeclared wars (in Libya and against ISIS), and ordered 10 times as many drone strikes. Will his successor exploit his legacy?

Donald Trump and the New Islamophobia

Donald Trump and the New Islamophobia

A Muslim US Air Force veteran voices his fear about Trump’s relations with the Islamic world. With an introduction from Lasha Darkmoon

Top left, clockwise: Carl Icahn, Jared Kushner, Jason Greenblatt, Steven Mnuchin (Icahn photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for New York Times; Kushner photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images; Greenblatt photo: Uriel Heilman; Mnuchin photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for City Harvest)

Meet the Jews in the Trump administration

Of course the billion dollar question is, whose interests will they serve: America’s or Israel’s?

British navy to lead Gulf ‘war games’ amid Iran tensions

British, American and French warships will engage in war games in the Persian Gulf next week simulating military confrontation with Iran

The Media Is Now The Political Opposition

The Western media’s effort to sustain the high level of tension between the West and Russia is a danger to all mankind, a direct threat to life on earth

An internally displaced Syrian boy plays with a wheel in Jrzinaz camp, in the southern part of Idlib, Syria, June 21, 2016. REUTERS/Khalil Ashawi/File Photo

Trump’s hopes for Syria safe zones may force decision on Assad

Planned “safe zones” might require the imposition of a “no-fly zone” — which would risk possible confrontation with Russia and Syria

London is forced to concede that Syria is a democracy

The fact that London now admits that Syria is a democracy suggests that having dispensed with the pretext, the West may have abandoned its plan of “regime change” in Syria

Hitler sent his deputy,  Rudolf Hess (right), as his personal representative to negotiate peace with Britain, it's claimed. Click to enlarge

Did Hitler Betray Rudolf Hess (and Germany)?

Hitler could have embarrassed Churchill by acknowledging Hess was a Peace Emissary, which this website believes he was

German Crime Drama Features Ethnic Germans Raping Muslim Woman

German Crime Drama Features Ethnic Germans Raping Muslim Woman

No doubt to counter the psychological impact the migrant rape crisis has brought. The taxpayer funded network showed ethnic Germans raping a Muslim woman

‘Stop Soros’ Movement Sweeps Europe

Russia has banned George Soros’s organisations as a threat to “national security”. Now others are joining the growing opposition to the illuminati billionaire

Paris Jackson Interview: Michael Jackson Was “Absolutely” Murdered

Paris Jackson Interview: Michael Jackson Was “Absolutely” Murdered

Paris Jackson revealed that she was abused at age 14, the she tried to commit suicide several times and that she is convinced that her father Michael was murdered

German Government ‘Has a Problem With Critically-Minded Citizens’

A new totalitarianism is developing in Germany with its own terminology. So individuals who think for themselves are deemed “anti-democratic”. While news reports that differ from the official line are labelled “fake news”

"Is this your democracy" -- Carlos Latuff cartoon

A Journey through the Guardian’s Coverage of the Libyan Disaster

How a flagship newspaper for western liberals championed the ousting of Gaddafi and Libya’s descent into bloody chaos

Here’s How Infrastructure Costs Can Be Halved

Ellen Brown on how Donald Trump can accomplish his economic pre-election promises

Brendon O'Connell:  "Iran Good Bye; I'm Not a Trained Seal"

Brendon O’Connell: “Iran Good Bye; I’m Not a Trained Seal”

O’Connell is too much of a live-wire for Iran to touch.