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France, Denmark, Italy and other allies are expected to join the four battle groups led by the United States, Germany, Britain and Canada to go to Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, with forces ranging from armoured infantry to drones. Click to enlarge

Europe on war-footing

Britain sends tanks, drones and 800 troops to Estonia as part of the biggest military build-up on Russia’s borders since the Cold War

Senator speaks of Middle East’s true ‘axis of evil’

US Senator Richard Black says U.S. moves to topple President Assad threatens not only peace in the Middle East but the entire world

Pentagon Ignored Evidence of Civilian Casualties in ISIS Strikes, Human Rights Group Says

Evidence presented by Amnesty International that U.S. led air strikes have left hundreds of civilians dead in Syria has been met with silence by the Pentagon

Swedes and Germans told to Intergrate into their “New Country”

Swedes and Germans told to Intergrate into their “New Country”

Proving that the influx of over a million migrants into Germany and Sweden wasn’t about charity. It was social engineering

Editor of Austria’s Largest Paper Charged with ‘Hate Speech’ over Migrant Article

While many private individuals have been prosecuted for anti-migrant rhetoric, this is the first time a member of the press has been charged

PHOTO ESSAY: Trump vs Hillary Crowd Comparison – Pictures Say a Thousand Words!

PHOTO ESSAY: Trump vs Hillary Crowd Comparison – Pictures Say a Thousand Words!

A few months old but showing how Trump rallies were attracting big crowds. While Hillary Clinton could barely fill a school hall

Smartmatic voting machine. Click to enlarge

50,000 Soros-linked voting machines being illegally deployed to 16 states

A 2006 diplomatic cable cited the role played by Soros-linked voting machines in the disputed Venezuelan elections. Now they will be used in the upcoming US elections

Trump warns of World War III if Clinton is elected

Clinton’s avowed intent to impose a ‘no-fly zone’ over Syria will indeed bring the U.S. into direct conflict with Russia. That’s why Trump’s plans for rapprochement with Putin will ensure that the vote is rigged against him

PROOF! Here’s the List of Mainstream Reporters Working Directly With the Clinton Campaign

PROOF! Here’s the List of Mainstream Reporters Working Directly With the Clinton Campaign

Clinton campaign officials met behind closed doors with top journalists, anchors and editors to discus selling Hillary to the public

Brother Nathanael: Trump In The Eye Of The Storm

Brother Nathanael on why Donald Trump represents a genuine threat to the Washington establishment, which is why he WONT be allowed to win

9/11 Truth? Was it an "American coup?"

9/11 Truth? Was it an “American coup?”

The underlying premise of most 9/11 revisionism is that the U.S. government, or at least parts of it, is capable of almost anything. Phillip Giraldi explains

Battle for Mosul Not What It Seems

Stephen Lendman on the real motives behind the ongoing struggle for Mosul

Surviving the New World Odor

Surviving the New World Odor

The lack of fair play and honesty on the part of the media presage dark times ahead if Hillary wins. Henry Makow on dealing with bad times

BDS Changed its Goal Statement Once Again

BDS Changed its Goal Statement Once Again

Since the BDS campaign began accepting money from Soros’s Open Society it has subtly changed its position, to the point that it now legitimises the Zionist state

Politics Isn't Boring

Politics Isn’t Boring

Includes video revealing how during the first presidential debate Hillary Clinton cheated with a teleprompter

Hillary Clinton. Click to enlarge

Vote for Hillary – Saviour of the Nation

The global elite are desperate for a Clinton win. Includes video revealing that she’s dangerously unstable

The Presstitutes Have Set Up The Election To Be Stolen

Poll of likely voters finds 53% want Hillary indicted: but if 53% of voters want Hillary indicted, how can she be leading in the presidential race?

Did Google Kill Julian Assange?

Did Google Kill Julian Assange?

Wikileaks was about to expose Google’s relation to the US Deep State

This 1997 aerial photograph shows the entrance to a cave facility the U.S. military uses in the Trondheim region of central Norway. (Defense Department photo courtesy of the National Archives). Click to enlarge

NATO Continues to Prepare for War with Russia

US marines may soon deploy to Norway, to a forward base together with pre-positioned tanks and military vehicles ready for a much larger NATO force

Top University Stole Millions From Taxpayers By Faking Global Warming Research

Cambridge university helped secure £9million of taxpayers money by passing off rivals’ research as its own… to bankroll climate change agenda