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Retired Swedish Police Chief Says Malmo Crime Skyrocketing Due To Uncontrolled Immigration

Swedish diplomats recently denied there were any “no-go zones” in Sweden. However, that’s not how a recently retired Swedish chief of police sees it

Swedish police are losing the battle against increasing levels of crime and violence. Click to enlarge

Gun attack in Malmo leaves ‘multiple casualties’ as police seal off neighbourhood in south of Swedish city

Gunfire and explosions rock Sweden’s third largest city

Britain's United Nations representative Matthew Rycroft. Click to enlarge

Britain accuses Putin of ‘war crimes’ in Syria at bitter UN meeting

As the rift with Russia over Syria grows, the cynicism and hypocrisy displayed by Western diplomats reaches new heights

Homeless man (not 'Jon'). Click to enlarge

Homeless Man Thinks Charity Begins at Home

A Canadian who lived in his car for a year wonders why Canada imports refugees and ignores its own homeless?

The Deep State’s Candidate?

Years ago, I saw a tiny flag strung between two trees, “Obama and Oprah save the World.” Like fools, we expect salvation from the deep state’s cynical puppets

All Things in and Out of Time

I have never played in the big leagues, writes Les Visible. I’ve always been small time and small time suits me just fine

Is "Snowden" Movie a Form of Hypnosis?

Is “Snowden” Movie a Form of Hypnosis?

One of Henry Makow’s readers looks at Oliver Stone’s latest movie ‘Snowden’

For the first time, Saudi Arabia is being attacked by both Sunni and Shia leaders

A major event occurred this past week that was largely ignored by the world’s media. A conference of 200 Sunni prelates all but excommunicated Saudi Arabia’s leaders

Russian navy launches cruise missiles at Islamic State militants in Aleppo, Syria. Click to enlarge

Russia wipes out secret centre of Western coalition

Largely unreported by the mainstream media and unacknowledged by the authorities, war between Russia and the West may have already started

Russian troops pictured on manoeuvres in the West of the country during the recent crisis in Ukraine

US army ‘would lose’ war with Russia in Europe that could happen within a YEAR

Experts warn that the Russian army could quickly overrun the continent before sufficient U.S. forces could arrive to repel them

Police arrest, identify shooter who killed 5 at mall in Washington State

The suspect, a 29-year-old Turkish national with permanent U.S. residence, appeared “like a zombie” when arrested

S-400 capable of intercepting in bound cruise missiles. Russia has S-400 anti-missile systems deployed in Syria and they would be used to intercept incoming missiles. Click to enlarge

Putin moves his most advanced anti-aircraft missile system in range of NATO Baltic base

It’s still in Russia though. NATO bases are only within range because NATO has been moving its bases closer to Russia’s borders

Obama's 3 Head Scars and Hillary's 9/11 Seizure Explained: The Beast Has Its Head Wounded

Obama’s 3 Head Scars and Hillary’s 9/11 Seizure Explained: The Beast Has Its Head Wounded

Medical analysis of Hillary Clinton’s and Obama’s health. Some interesting medical coincidences leave tantalising questions

Daniel Patrick Moynihan U.S. Courthouse, Southern District of New York, at 500 Pearl St.

Insider Reveals: The Heart of the Judeo Masonic Legal Octopus

The “octopus” has an arm for whites, an arm for blacks and one for every group to manipulate one against the other to ensure control through divide and rule

Top Bank Fraud Expert: ALL of the Big Banks’ Profits Come from FRAUD

Top white collar crime expert confirms, fraud is the banks ‘key profit centre’. Includes video

Iran warns off American U2 spy plane: Commander

Iran warns off American U2 spy plane: Commander

The fact that these incursions are regularly being detected suggests that Iran’s avowed intent to upgrade its air defences is actually happening

The Jews of Iraq

The Jews of Iraq

Having helped found modern Israel, an Iraqi Jew writes of his disillusionment with it

How “The Syrian Campaign” Faked Its “70% Fleeing Assad” Refugee Poll

‘The Syria Campaign’ is a Wall Street Public Relations creation and one of several interlocked, US-based groups that have campaigned for a Libyan-style ‘no fly zone’ in Syria

Israel’s New Terror Weapon: Toxic Skunk Juice

Israel’s New Terror Weapon: Toxic Skunk Juice

In a land where water is scarce, smelling like a sewer is a disheartening experience.

'Denial' Holocaust Movie Part 1 Introduction

‘Denial’ Holocaust Movie Part 1 Introduction

Critics have panned it but this presentation goes further and reveals the movie Denial as an insidious misrepresentation of the facts