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Defending Democracy To The Last Drop Of Oil

As Libya’s Kadaffi once told Eric Margolis, “the Saudis and Gulf emirates are very rich families paying the west for protection and living behind high walls.”

Pope Francis: Pawn of Big Jewry and Promoter of White Genocide

Pope Francis: Pawn of Big Jewry and Promoter of White Genocide

Lasha Darkmoon examines the ideas of one of the EU’s founders, Count Coudenhove Kalergi. A name that one day might rank alongside Count Dracula in infamy

E. Michael Jones – (American) Oligarchs vs. the (American) People

Powerful stuff. Guaranteed to offend homosexuals. Required viewing from about 23 minutes when Collins touches on the forthcoming U.S. elections

Massive government study concludes cell phone radiation causes brain cancer

Massive government study concludes cell phone radiation causes brain cancer

It’s no longer just a “conspiracy theory”

Silencing the United States as It Prepares for War

John Pilger on the liberal warmongers in Britain and the U.S., how they duped a gulible public in the run up to war and how they continue to do so

Jaish Al Sunnah Convoy Heading To Azaz From Turkey To Fight Against YPG Forces. Click to enlarge

Turkey Supports Syria Al Qaeda By Convoys of Weapon: Russian Gen. Staff

There is a “never-ending flow of large trucks from Turkey carrying weapons and ammunition”, says Russian general

Obama Hits Milestone

Obama Hits Milestone

The man whose campaign slogan was ‘Change We Can Believe In’ now has the distinction of being at war longer than any other serving U.S. president

‘Racist’ laundry detergent ad in China sparks outrage on social media

An advert featuring a white man being turned into a black with the slogan “coloured is better” didn’t draw accusations of ‘racism’ in Italy. Nor was there much response to this in China. The ‘outrage’ was confined to the social media

Heddy Lamarr. Click to enlarge

Illuminati “Sex Goddess” Programming

George Orwell said that it’s hardest to see what’s staring us in the face. All the more so when it takes the form of a beautiful, desirable woman

Former NATO Chief Appointed as ‘Advisor’ to Ukraine President

NATO continues its steady surreptitious advance towards Russia’s borders

Paedophilia and Tribal Loyalty

Paedophilia and Tribal Loyalty

Gilad Atzmon presents the latest example of tribal loyalty at work at a Jewish children’s summer camp

Kuril islands eastern Pacific. Click to enlarge

Russia to reinforce military infrastructure in Far East: commander

Part of this may involve Russia establishing a naval base on the disputed eastern Pacific Kuril islands

Plaques commemorating Auschwitz deaths: before and after the total number of deaths were amended. Click to enlarge

Auschwitz: Myths and Facts

Many fanciful stories that have been told about Auschwitz and then, once they were proven to be false, they were quietly forgotten. Mark Weber recalls some

Analyst: ISIL Evacuating Raqqa at US Order

Military analyst describes U.S. led campaign against ISIL in Syria as theatrical. With militants often retreating before U.S. backed proxies’ advances without fighting and as if coordinated

Troops loyal to Assad celebrate on the edge of Palmyra. Click to enlarge

The US is dropping calls for Assad to go

The “Assad has got to go” routine is changing. We haven’t heard many Americans saying that recently, and we’ve hardly noticed it.

WW2 in the Pacific -- Totally Avoidable

WW2 in the Pacific — Totally Avoidable

Henry Makow on how the U.S. forced Japan into the Pacific war, in order to prevent it invading Russia and opening a second front on Stalin

Reusable International Space Station rocket could be used to build first permanent human settlement on Moon

Russian company announces plans to build a “human village” on the moon — possibly as early as 2029

Artists conception of a PLA anti-ship ballistic missile attack-on-three-USN-CVNs-operating-in-ridiculously-close-proximity

China’s missile swarms vs. America’s lasers, drones and railguns: Who wins?

U.S. Navy ships may not survive if they come under attack by sufficiently large numbers of missiles of the kind now fielded by China. Robert Beckhusen explains

Satchi and Satchi advert. Click to enlarge

The True Racism That Destroys

Satchi and Satchi have launched an advert that implies that Britons who vote to leave the EU are “racist”. However, it also conceals a far more insidious racism. Kevin Boyle explains

86 Year Old German Woman lays charges against the Central Council of the Jews in Germany

Here is a story you won’t hear in the “mainstream media”. Includes video (with English subtitles)