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Jude Law visits Calais migrant camp

Jude Law’s minders attacked by Calais Jungle migrants during charity visit

Jude Law took his last chance to play the caring, compassionate celebrity before the Calais migrant camp was due to be cleared

Felix Ngole. click to enlarge

Christian student kicked off Sheffield University course for anti-gay Facebook post

Meaning that universities are effectively screening students for their political beliefs and penalising those that don’t conform

Various - 2011...Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt LLoyd/REX (1292205n)
 Middle East Peace Envoy and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair speaks to The Times in Jerusalem about the current situation in Libya, and his relationship with Colonel Gaddafi.
 Various - 2011

Blair, Immigration, and the Betrayal of British Workers

Thanks to Blair and his cronies, the British working classes have been reduced to a workless under-class! Gilad Atzmon explains

Jill Dando Murdered by Britain’s VIP Paedophiles

Jill Dando Murdered by Britain’s VIP Paedophiles

When Jill Dando tried to expose a paedophile ring at the BBC her bosses did nothing but Jill was later shot dead in a case that is still unsolved. Was she getting too close to exposing the truth?

Why the whole banking system is a scam – Godfrey Bloom MEP

You’ve probably heard this argument before but it cannot be overemphasised. Rare example of a politician speaking sense

Kabbalah - Blueprint for Gentile Genocide

Kabbalah – Blueprint for Gentile Genocide

The real reason for war is genocidal Cabalist Jewish dogma Rev. Ted Pike explains.

This Ends The Official Story Of 9/11 . . . Now Get Over It & Do Your Duty

Coherent argument on the collapse of the World Trade Center

The Evil Empire Has The World In Its Death Grip

The Evil Empire Has The World In Its Death Grip

Paul Craig Robert on how the world is now ruled by gangsters. With pictures, comments and captions by Lasha Darkmoon

Tony Blair accused of conspiracy over mass immigration

Blair dutifully followed the orders of his elite overlords. With a legacy that left Iraq a failed state and Britain an overcrowded island

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with Angela Merkel. Click to enlarge

Angela Merkel overheard confronting Mark Zuckerberg over the need to ‘do some work’ on Facebook

Overheard conversation confirms social media network being used as control mechanism

Time to Boycott Facebook

Time to Boycott Facebook

Because the social media giant is now actively involved in suppressing voices and opinions that run counter to the elite’s agenda. Includes video

President Rouhani set for emphatic vote of confidence in Iran elections

Early results seen as a vote of confidence for moderates and a loosening of control by the anti-western hardliners who currently dominate the 290-seat parliament

Slides from a secret Israeli government conference on how to promote Israel abroad. Click to enlarge

Nazi genocide and “girls in bikinis” failing to sell Israel, experts say

A secret conference convened by Israeli minister Gilad Erdan, heard that the old methods to promote Israel are no longer working

David Aaronovitch.

From Communist to Neoconservative: The Ethnic Blindness of David Aaronovitch

He started out as a dyed in the wool leftist, even though he despised the white working class, and became a leading neocon advocate

Zimbabwe president has huge birthday celebration as starving country looks on

The 92-year-old, who has ruled for 35 years, now seems intent on consolidating his wife’s growing power

INS Arihant: India nears completion of nuclear submarine 'Slayer of Enemies'

INS Arihant: India nears completion of nuclear submarine ‘Slayer of Enemies’

India’s deployment of its firsts nuclear-armed submarine could put the nation into a naval arms race with regional powers

War Is Realizing the Israelizing of the World

War Is Realizing the Israelizing of the World

Dan Sanchez on the infamous Yinon Plan and Amercia’s role in helping to bring it to pass

Russian T-90 tank during drills near Kubinka, outside Moscow. click to enlarge

State-of-the-art technology gives President Assad’s army the edge

Robert Fisk on how Russia is helping to turn the tide against Isis

Judge Scalia Was With Members of an Elite Secret Society When He Died

Judge Scalia Was With Members of an Elite Secret Society When He Died

Judge Scalia died at a gathering of the International Order of St. Hubertus, an elite secret society linked to the Bohemian Grove

Outrage as school calls police after pupil looks at Ukip website in class

Police interrogate pupil after he used a school computer to visit UK Independence Party website, described by teachers as “politically incorrect”