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Saluting Three Anti-NWO Pioneers

Saluting Three Anti-NWO Pioneers

Tony Blizzard looks at the work of some of the pioneers in the fight against the NWO

Pimping the Butterfly. Click to enlarge

The Deeper Story of Kendrick Lamar’s Album “To Pimp a Butterfly”

“To Pimp a Butterfly” tells the poignant story about Kendrick Lamar entering the music business and discovering the ugly truth behind it.

Erdogan Warns Russia Not To ‘Play With Fire’

Erdogan’s comments seem more likely to inflame the dispute with Moscow

Chinese warship berths in the Iranian post of Bandar Abbas before sailing on joint naval exercise with Iran's navy. Click to enlarge

China to Build Naval Hub in Djibouti

China to build its first overseas military installation in the small north African nation

Thanksgiving Day ... 2015

Thanksgiving Day … 2015

Les Visible on reasons to be grateful

US Planes Left ISIS Fuel Tankers Unharmed Because ‘They Ran Out of Ammunition’

It has taken the U.S. over a year to launch such strikes and it is only doing so now after Russia hit ISIS fuel tankers. Even so leaflets were still dropped to warn ISIS beforehand.

Russia destroys Turkish truck convoy headed for Syrian militants -- Erdogan silent

Russia destroys Turkish truck convoy headed for Syrian militants — Erdogan silent

Russia strikes at Turkish supply routes for militants in Syria

Putin claims US ‘leaked’ flight path of downed Russian jet to Turkey

Was the U.S. using Turkey to test Russia’s response to obvious hostility?

A still image grabbed from a video published on the website of the Turkish Cumhuriyet daily on May 29, 2015 shows mortar shells in boxes intercepted on a truck destined for Syria. Click to enlarge

Turkish newspaper editor in court for ‘espionage’ after revealing weapon convoy to Syrian militants

Clampdown on Turkish media after it’s revealed that Turkey’s National Intelligence is smuggling weapons to militants in Syria

There are Real Holocaust and False Holocausts and Far too many Moral Cowards

There are Real Holocaust and False Holocausts and Far too many Moral Cowards

Alleged truth-tellers turn out to be liars and disinfo agents, as was recently shown with Glenn Greewald. Smoking Mirrors explains

Signs of a Dying Society

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer: five symptoms of a society in terminal decline

Air defence centre, south west Iran. Click to enlarge

Air Defense Force Inaugurates New Centcom in Southwestern Iran

Another facet of Iran’s integrated national air defence network becomes operational

Weapons Captured From ISIS – See For Yourself

From arms manufactures around the world. Probably through a third party, like Saudi Arabia

Guardian’s terrible dilemma over Corbyn

In the age of a burgeoning new media liberal/left papers like the Observer and Guardian are discovering that the rules are shifting dangerously under their feet. Jonathan Cook explains

Erdogan mafia. Click to enlarge

Mafia Don Erdoğan Retaliates for Russian Strike on Family Crime Syndicate

The Erdoğan clan is up to its neck in business deals with the head-choppers. Includes video

Erdogan’s Dirty Dangerous ISIS Games

Russian air strikes recently destroyed hundreds of ISIS oil tankers. President Erdgogan’s son Bilal, is involved in the lucrative business of smuggling ISIS oil. Did Turkey shoot down the Su-24 as a warning?

French comedian Dieudonné sentenced to two months in prison

French comedian Dieudonné sentenced to two months in prison

Convicted for alleged racist and anti-Semitic remarks he made during a show. Called Hitler a “sweet kid” and a “joyful braggart”:

Russia Suggests Downed Warplane Was ‘Planned Provocation’

Foreign Minister Lavrov’s description suggests that Russia is not going to let the matter rest.

Donna is a minority woman but she is not Nia-Malika Henderson. Click to enlarge

Carrot, Stick & Blackmail – How the System Works

When the whole ruling class is working for the devil, many of their servants must know it. Henry Makow gets an insider’s glimpse into the tangled relations between the elite and their media underlings

Navigator Rescued After Warplane Was Shot Down, Russia Says

As Moscow announces the deployment of more advanced air defence systems to Syria and the stationing of a missile cruiser in the eastern Mediterranean