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Migrants challenging Hungary's new border fence.

Europe’s Muslim Immivasion: Hungary’s PM Blames George Soros’s “Circle Of Activists”

Word is spreading about George Soros’s role in the European migrant crisis

Holocaust Blackmail

Holocaust Blackmail

Compensation demanded by the GRANDCHILDREN of Holocaust survivors for the pain and suffering they inherited!!

Positively Spinning Out of the Negative Cloud of this World

However great may be our struggles, we can measure our eventual success according to the degree of difficulty in our passage there.

Halloween is Satanist Christmas

Halloween is Satanist Christmas

The Satanic Bible ranks Halloween as one of the two most important festivals on the Satanic calendar. So why is it being so widely celebrated?

President Barack Obama, accompanied by, from left, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford, Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Vice President Joe Biden, speaks Oct. 15, 2015, at the White House in Washington. The White House announced Friday, Oct. 30 that a small number of special forces will be put on the ground in the fight against the Islamic State in Syria – a new strategy that pretty clearly contradicts past Obama and administration statements that U.S. forces would not be put on the ground there.

5 times Obama said there would be no ground troops or no combat mission in Syria

Meaning that Russia has now seized the initiative and the only thing Obama can do is repond

Google and YouTube now engaging in wholesale censorship of content they don’t want the public to see

Leaked TPP documents reveal that “Internet Service Providers could be required to ‘police’ user activity

Maps and guides for migrants to Europe

Sky Finds ‘Handbook’ For EU-Bound Migrants

Was one of George Soros funded Non Governmental Organisations involved? As he’s just announced that Europe must accept “at least” a million migrants annually.

Norway: Immigrants Gang Rape 14-Year-Old Girl, One Gets Off With Community Service

Norway: Immigrants Gang Rape 14-Year-Old Girl, One Gets Off With Community Service

Brutally sodomized 14-year-old girl. The local media however, is protecting the culprits by not disclosing their identities

Russian jet hits militants position in Syria. Click to enlarge

Russian Fighter Jets Hit Militants’ Positions in Golan Heights Again

Potentially dangerous new developments in Syria. As Russia launches air strikes against militants positions near the Israeli occupied part of the Golan Heights

Anti-Israel Activism Criminalized in the Land of Charlie Hebdo and “Free Speech”

French High court upholds criminal convictions for advocating boycott of Israeli goods

Talmud Cited By Defence at Topham Hate Crime Trial

Talmud Cited By Defence at Topham Hate Crime Trial

A major hate crimes trial is taking place on charges brought by B’nai Brith Canada. It has received ZERO press coverage but Henry Makow has been in correspondence with the defendant

Labour MP Gerald Kaufman accuses Government of being swayed by ‘Jewish money’

Writing in the Jewish Chronicle the MP also claims that ‘more than half’ of the recent stabbing attacks against Jews in Israel had been fabricated

The bus at the holiday park in Lima, Sweden

Refugees refuse beds at Swedish holiday park

Refugees refused to get off a bus that took them to temporary accommodation because they didn’t want to stay in such a rural location

Despite agreements, risks linger of U.S.-China naval mishaps

The White House has described the action of Chinese naval aircraft and ships as “deeply concerning provocation.”


WATCH: Putin’s DEADLIEST flamethrower WIPES OUT evil Islamic State militants in Syria

A 1993 CIA report warned: “The effect … within confined spaces is immense. Those near the ignition point are obliterated.”

mcCain and Saakashvili.

Ukrainian Wikileaks: McCain and Saakashvili are plotting to shoot down American plane in Syria to blame Russia [transcript]

McCain and Saakashvili: two prime intriguers

Henry Kissinger, Communist Agent

Henry Kissinger — out of the closet

U.S. aims to see if Iran, Russia ready to dump Syria's Assad

U.S. aims to see if Iran, Russia ready to dump Syria’s Assad

Neither Russia or Iran are about to dump Assad. So why is the U.S. going through the diplomatic motions? Is it to buy time for its proxy forces in ISIS?

Busted! Israeli IDF Colonel Arrested In Iraq for Leading ISIS Militants

Busted! Israeli IDF Colonel Arrested In Iraq for Leading ISIS Militants

Word is spreading about who and what is really behind ISIS. Includes video

ISIS planning ‘mass casualty’ attack in Britain

MI5 chief warns threat of a major terror attack in the UK. How does he know? Probably because the “security services” are joined at the hip with terror networks