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Syrian Refugee Camps in Turkey Become ISIL ‘Playgrounds’ – Syrian Delegate

ISIL actively recruiting in refugee camps in Turkey

The devastation in Gaza in the aftermath of Israeli military operation in July 2014. Click to enlarge

As Gaza Lies in Ruins, The NY Times Blames the Victims

How the New York Times artfully conceals Zionist crimes

This is what a lesbian looks like. It's hard to find a picture of an unattractive lesbian due to the Orwellian mind control exercised by Google. Mark says gay and lesbian activists are one dimensional, and not representative of gays as a whole.

Most Gays Reject Illuminati Agenda, one says

Some homosexuals resent being used to promote the New World Order. Interesting and enlightening

US To Send Lockheed Martin F-22 Fighter Jets To Europe To Counter Russia Amid Ukraine Crisis

The march toward direct military confrontation with Russia continues …

EPA Permits Unlimited Use of Toxic Coal Fly Ash in Chemical Geoengineering Operations

EPA Permits Unlimited Use of Toxic Coal Fly Ash in Chemical Geoengineering Operations

Environmental Protection Agency rules toxic Coal Fly Ash non-hazardous. Ignoring its Aluminum, Mercury, Lead and Arsenic content

The Primacy of Jewish Genes

The Primacy of Jewish Genes

A recent study of Holocaust survivors claims that the trauma they experienced was passed onto to their descendents genetically. Gilad Atzmon explains

Syria Shoots Down Israeli Warplane F-16 Bomber, Using Russian S-300 Air Defense System

Syria Shoots Down Israeli Warplane F-16 Bomber, Using Russian S-300 Air Defense System

This story first emerged some days ago but with scant details. Now more information has emerged to substantiate it

Chinese stocks tumble once again as ‘Black Monday’ looks set to plunge towards ‘Black Tuesday’

Losses look set to accelerate as billions wiped off markets worldwide

Is China Getting the Greek Treatment?

Is China Getting the Greek Treatment?

As China’s stock market tumble precipitates a worldwide crash, we revisit this prescient 2011 article entitled “Illuminati Will Burst China’s Bubble”

The Big List Of 33 Things That Are Going To Happen In September 2015

Previously, Michael Snyder wrote that a major global financial crisis was imminent. Here he outlines 32 other things that could be about to happen

Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko. Click to enlarge

Ukraine still faces threat of ‘full-scale military invasion’ by Russia, president says

President Poroshenko claims 50,000 Russian troops are massed along Ukraine’s border and 9,000 more are supporting pro-Russian rebels

The Douma Market Attack: a Fabricated Pretext for Intervention?

The Douma Market Attack: a Fabricated Pretext for Intervention?

Exposing the ‘humanitarian’ warmongers

West’s Racist Wars For Creating The Immigration Crises

Iraq, Syria and Libya have all been areas of Western intervention, covertly or otherwise. They’ve also resulted in waves of refugees who are being used, unwittingly, to further assist the break-up of societies where they seek refuge. Morris108 explains

Originally from Tatarstan, General Valéri Guérassimov, head of the armed forces of the Federation of Russia and deputy vice-Minister of Defence, is very familiar with Islam. Besides this, he cracked down on crimes committed by Russian soldiers in Chechnya, and victoriously fought the jihadists of the Islamic Emirate in Itchkeria.

The Russian army is beginning to engage in Syria

A major change is taking place regarding Syria as Russia prepares for more direct involvement. Thierry Meyssan explains

Black Monday, August 24, 2015, the the Dow Jones was down by as much as 1,000 points or 5 percent.

Stock up on canned food for stock market crash, warns former Gordon Brown adviser

Says the coming economic crisis could be worse than the crash of 2008

Victim’s Family Member Speaks out on 9/11 Truth

Matt Campbell, whose brother was killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11, tells of what he found when he investigated his brother’s death

Suspected Amsterdam to Paris train gunman El-Khazzani.

France train gunman questioned over Syria links

The gunman in the Amsterdam-Paris train shooting known by THREE intelligence outfits to have recently returned from Syria

Global Sell-Off Gains Pace Over China Fears

Fears of a China-led global economic slowdown drove US stocks to their steepest one-day drop in nearly four years on Friday. Monday’s market opening is already being called “Black Monday”

A Strange and Curious Incident

It is time to visit the most recent event in my travelogue back and forth across this strange planet

The Imperialism of Jewish Capital

The Imperialism of Jewish Capital

A recent UN study says 2% of the world’s population own 50% of the wealth