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Dreadnought 2015. Click to enlarge

HMS Hi-tech, the Warship of the Future

Royal Navy’s Dreadnought 2050 has space-age control room, ‘see-through’ hull and a crew of just 50

Iran says negotiating with Russia for Sukhoi fighter jets

Confirming earlier reports that Iran had begun talks with Russia over the purchase of Sukhoi Su-30 fighters

Some Are Sicker Than Others

Rather belatedly but better late than never. Includes video

Crossing the border into Hungary

Letter from Hungary: Migrants seek EU’s field of dreams

We explain why the accompanying Associated Press article is little more than disinformation

Syrian refugees passing on the Syrian side of the border crossing Akcakale, in Sanliurfa province, southeastern Turkey

In treating needy refugees like invaders, we risk losing our humanity

Good intentions alone are not enough. Without informed direction even the best of intentions will flounder and ultimately backfire.

Germany calls for fairer distribution of refugees in Europe

Like they say, “what goes around comes around” and the refugees now washing up on Europe’s southern shores were first displaced Western approved by military action

MI6 spy found in holdall ‘hacked into secret data about Bill Clinton’

Did uncovering information about the former U.S. president that cost the MI6 codebreaker his life?

Beware-Aryans For Jeremy Has Launched Its Campaign Today

Beware-Aryans For Jeremy Has Launched Its Campaign Today

It interesting to see how long it takes Jeremy Corbyn to disassociate himself from this ethnically exclusive support group

Rebuilt Hamas underground tunnel

Hamas shows off rebuilt Gaza tunnels in new video

A year after Israel claimed to have destroyed them

Beware of Chilcot

Former British diplomat Craig Murray on the inquiry into the Iraq War, otherwise known as the Chilcot Report

Communist Subversion More Advanced than We Think

Communist Subversion More Advanced than We Think

We’ve been brainwashed to scoff at notions like “Communist Subversion” but a 1930’s Comintern textbook suggests that it may be more pervasive than we think

Monsanto’s widely used weed killer Roundup may cause cancer says WHO

World Health Organisation says Monsanto’s Roundup probably carcinogenic

David Duke on the Alex Jones Show

Why on earth did Alex Jones invite Dr David Duke on his August 18 show? What a mystery — but also what a show!

Faurisson's Exposure of the Holocaust Hoax

Faurisson’s Exposure of the Holocaust Hoax

And the price he paid. With pictures, captions and commentary from Lasha Darkmoon

Zionism in Britain: A Neglected Chronicle

The recent criticism of Jeremy Corbyn in the Jewish Chronicle is the latest example of how Zionists control political discourse in Britain. Evan Jones explains

Very Serious Problems with the WDBJ Shooting Story

Very Serious Problems with the WDBJ Shooting Story

With stills and links, Scott Creighton explains why the shooting of WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward looks staged

WDBJ Live Shooter Filmed Himself as He fired

Anyone who has seen the FULL video of the WDBJ shooting knows it looks suspect. Check it out for yourself

Virginia Shooting Hoax: Crisis Actors “Mission in Life” is Gun Control

Virginia Shooting Hoax: Crisis Actors “Mission in Life” is Gun Control

RedsilverJ exposes the crisis actors involved in the on-air WDBJ TV shooting

Pentagon’s New “Law of War” Manual “Reduces Us to the Level of Nazis”

Dr. Francis Boyle – who wrote the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 — says the new Pentagon manual “Reads like it was written by Hitler’s Ministry of War”.

Donald Trump is the front-man for the Israeli Michael Dezertzov (left) and his son Gil (right). Why is Trump working with Israelis and what does that say about his ability to speak freely about what happened on 9-11? Click to enlarge

American Politics in 2015: Pushing the Boundaries of Fakeness

Christopher Bollyn on why 9-11 truth is a taboo subject among today’s politicians and media