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Parallel worlds exist and interact with our world, say physicists

Science moves closer to the spiritual world. The only problems is that it cannot explain it, at least not in terms of scientific materialism. Includes video

U.S. - China -- "A War Without Limits"

U.S. – China — “A War Without Limits”

“War is inevitable.” — Quote in a Chinese newspaper last week

Janner non-prosecution ‘overturned’

A decision not to prosecute Lord Janner over allegations of historic child sex abuse will be overturned after an independent QC reviewed the case, according to reports

B-2 would liklely be used to deliver the Massive Ordnance Penetrator against Iran's nuclear sites. Click to enlarge

Plan B For Iran

Should the talks with Iran fail then the U.S. has a backup plan that it has spent years preparing for

Spanish beach. Click to enlarge

The Illuminati Jewish Plan for European Genocide

Never have a people embraced their political and cultural demise with such complacency

Firsthand Accounts of Israeli Massacre in Gaza

The findings of a UN investigation into Israel 2014 Operation Protective Edge has just been released. Perhaps even more telling than the horrific accounts of Palestinians is the muted Western media coverage

Taxpayer funded trial of GM wheat ends in a £3million failure

Supporters hoped the trial would win over a sceptical public. Instead the failure has only added to growing doubts

Russian Deputy Prime Minister: GMOs Will Not be Tolerated

Unlike their Western counterparts, Russia’s political leaders seem adamantly opposed to GMOs

Forensic investigators and gendarmes next to the fence where the head was found in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier. Click to enlarge

Tunisia Attack Leaves Dozens Dead at Beach Hotel

Suspected ISIS attack on beach hotel leaves more than two dozen dead, as man is beheaded is another suspected ISIS attack in southern France

Israel test car bomb sized dirty nuke. Click to enlarge

Haaretz: Israel Tests “Car Bomb” Sized Dirty Nuke

Under the guise of “defense” against terrorism, Israel conducted up to 20 test blasts. Was this a cover for preparations for “dirty nuke” false flag?

Emails to Hillary contradict French tale on Libya war

Recently disclosed emails to Hilary Clinton reveal that France covertly funded and assisted the “uprising” against Gadhafi

Circling and Spiralling on the Helix of the Ineffable

The self can be an unruly beast. Some of us have considerably more passion and drive than others and reigning it in can be a formidable undertaking

The album cover of Drones depicts an unseen puppet master controlling a drone who is controlling masses of drones.

Muse’s “The Handler” : A Song about a Mind Control Slave Singing to His Handler

The Muse have referred to 9/11 and mind-control but Vigilant Citizen looks at their latest video and asks: have they sold out?

Netanyahu sends implicit threat to Iran ahead of nuclear deadline

Netanyahu again hints that Israel may attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. Whether it will, or can, is another question

Dylaan Roof. Click to enlarge

Charleston: 15 Questions that Demand Answers

Evidence points to Masonic Jewish plot to demonize White Conservatives as “terrorists.”

Lost in Translation, or What the BBC Cut From Their Yanukovych Interview

Lost in Translation, or What the BBC Cut From Their Yanukovych Interview

Key extracts from a BBC interview with ex-Ukrainian president that the BBC left out of the English translation

Lord Greville Janner ‘violated, raped and tortured’ children in the Houses of Parliament

Like Jimmy Savile while he was still alive, Lord Janner is obviously being shielded from prosecution

Must Watch-Art of Palestine

Must Watch-Art of Palestine

Ibrahim Al Ali and the art of resistance

Boston bomber apologizes, gets death sentence

Having reportedly “shot away his voice box” in a botched suicide attempt, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has miraculously recovered his voice to admit his guilt

Foreign Intelligence Service Role Players Wanted

Foreign Intelligence Service Role Players Wanted

Are they actually advertising for “role players” in the next false flag? Recruitment adverts appear for “foreign intelligence role players” in “Advanced Unconventional Warfare” drill