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Russian missile cruiser Moskva

U.S. Fears Grow of a ‘Newly Awakened’ Russian Navy

A new report from the U.S. Navy’s intelligence branch warns of a newly resurgent Russian navy

The Cashless Society Cometh: European Nations Such As Sweden And Denmark Are ‘Eradicating Cash’

The benefits are immense — for those in control electronic transactions become a means of surveillance and, should they decide to, enable them to stop selected individuals from buying of food and fuel

Captured ISIS fighter says 'trained in Turkey, ISIS thinks it’s safer here than Syria'

Captured ISIS fighter says ‘trained in Turkey, ISIS thinks it’s safer here than Syria’

Captured IS fighter reveals Turkey is engaged in a dangerous, deadly deception . Includes video

In 1940, when the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction's Supreme Council conferred the Thirty-Third degree on him at age 77, Henry Ford (1863-1947) had been a Mason for 46 years, having been raised in Detroit's Palestine Lodge No. 357 in 1894 at age 31.

Henry Ford – A Freemason Against the Jews?

Henry Ford did as much as anyone to educate folks about the Illuminati Jewish Conspiracy. So why did he never mention masonry?

Syria anti-IS documentary maker ‘assassinated’ in Turkey

A Syrian activist who produced documentaries hostile to the Islamic State group was assassinated in Turkey Sunday, with what is thought to have been a “silencer equipped pistol”

Thabet said an estimated 371 acres of farming land in central Gaza and 50 acres of land in eastern Khan Younis have been affected.

Israeli planes spray crop-killing chemicals on Gaza farms

If they are not shooting Palestinian children they’re spraying Palestinian farms with crop-killing chemicals

Alive and Well: Islamic State Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Claims Caliphate is Going Strong Despite Strikes

Just like bin Laden, al-Baghdadi appears to have evaded death and capture and is now threatening the West with more terrorist outrages

Syria: Has Anyone Stepped Back from the Brink?

Syria: Has Anyone Stepped Back from the Brink?

If the US wants a ceasefire, it’s because their “moderate” Jihadist allies are getting beaten up now by the Syrian Army with Russian air support

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi leader of ISIS, pictured relaxing, was reportedly trained by Mossad as a undercoveroperative. Click to enlarge

ISIS Leader ‘Al-Baghdadi’ Is A ‘Jewish Mossad Agent’ – French Report

French article echoes many other reports that claim that the ISIS leader is a Mossad agent. Which explains why the terror group hasn’t attacked ANY Jewish targets

New figures show that nearly 474,000 have so far crossed the Mediterranean to get to Europe. Click to enlarge

Czech leader calls migrant wave in Europe an ‘organised invasion’

“I am profoundly convinced that we are facing an organised invasion and not a spontaneous movement of refugees,” said Czech President Milos Zeman

Princess Diana car wreck. Click to enlarge

‘Unlawful Killing’ Princess Diana Banned Documentary 2011 (FULL)

The British Royal Family like to present itself as part of a benign and freedom loving tradition … this film is the antidote to that

Gallup: Ukrainians Loathe the Government that Obama Imposed

Survey finds U.S. installed regime in Kiev deeply unpopular. With approval rating now lower than the man President Poroshenko ousted

Disciplining Males - A Satire

Disciplining Males – A Satire

In a paranoid fantasy, Makow is accused of dog abuse

Russia air strikes target ISIS oil tankers in Syria, disrupting a major source of revenue for the militants. Click to enlarge

Caught on Tape: Russian Fighter Jets Destroy Huge ISIS Oil Convoy In Transit to Turkey

ISIS forced to use new oil trafficking routes to avoid Russian airstrikes

Putin Blues

Putin Blues

The bubbling dissatisfaction of Putin’s supporters may yet turn more dangerous. Israel Shamir explains

“If you come down from the cross, we will accept you as our Messiah.” — The Jewish high priests Annas and Caiphas to Jesus.

Reflections on Christmas Day

The Russian orthodox church still celebrates Christmas on January 7, but Christ’s date of birth is insignificant. It’s what he did that counts

UK Daily Mail Links San Bernadino Attacks to Israel

UK Daily Mail Links San Bernadino Attacks to Israel

UK mainstream media uncovers strong ties between Israel and the San Bernadino shootings

Seven Things You Didn’t Know the U.S. and Its Allies Did to Iran

Seven facts that help explain Iran’s hostility toward the U.S.

Iran has received an ugraded version of the S-300. Click to enlarge.

Russia reportedly to begin delivery of S-300 to Iran in coming weeks

Iranian crews will train at Russian Military Space Academy to man the system for four months as part of the contract

Sickening: US Evacuating ISIS/Israeli Military Commanders from Ramadi

Sickening: US Evacuating ISIS/Israeli Military Commanders from Ramadi

US saving Israeli and perhaps American commanders of ISIS brigades…again