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The Siamese Twins of Satanism and Materialism, Dancing a Clockwork Orange

The Siamese Twins of Satanism and Materialism, Dancing a Clockwork Orange

The first things that Materialism kills are, every one of the human virtues; those qualities that identify you as human

Prospects of 3rd Intifada In Palestine-Khaled Waleed & Gilad Atzmon

Prospects of 3rd Intifada In Palestine-Khaled Waleed & Gilad Atzmon

Is a third Intifada about to erupt in Palestine? Gilad Atzmon discusses the prospect with Khaled Waleed on Press TV

Maj Gen Gadi Eizenkot. Click to enlarge

Despite PM’s stalling, army finally gets new chief

Israel’s newly appointed military chief of staff is significant insofar as Maj. Gen Eizenkot had previously fiercely opposed plans to strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities

Islamic State dupes fighting for their enemies. Click to enlarge

ISIL is the new al-Qaeda

Rebranded and repackaged but created by the same forces as those behind bin Laden and the Stern gang

German-made ‘miracle’ machine turns water into gasoline

German engineers now finalizing the assembly of a rig that changes water into gasoline. Includes video

Jimmy Savile was part of satanic ring

Jimmy Savile was part of satanic ring

Savile reportedly presided over orgies where young girls wear raped and the words ‘Ave Satanas’, a Latinised version of ‘Hail Satan’, were chanted

Satan's mother, the "Whore of Babylon,"known otherwise as the Chaldean Ishtar, the Caananite Astarte,Isis, Venus, or the Phrygian Cybele. Click to enlarge

The Satanist Mind

A leading police association has received expert estimate, that of all known murders, one in five is a ritual murder…

Killing for Krap and the Wrath of Tamerlane

Black Friday just got transplanted across the Atlantic, to another land where materialism is a disease. Materialism is nearly indistinguishable from Cancer. In fact it is a cancer. It eats your soul

Like dos Santos (R), Maxime Hauchard (L), the second Frenchman identified in the video, adopted his extremist views after frequenting Islamic websites. Click to enlarge

Pre-ISIS lives: A devout catholic and a pizza delivery man

One of the two French men identified in the most recent ISIS video was reportedly a devout catholic and art student, while the other was a “gentle” pizza delivery man, according to neighbors’ accounts

Gen Eizenkot (2nd from left) raises a toast with fellow commanders. Click to enlarge

Israel’s next army chief ‘would only strike Iran as last resort’

Although Prime Minister Netanyahu has vowed that Israel will “stand alone” against Iran, newly appointed army cheif says a military strike will only be a “last resort”

Why Is Russia Banning GMOs While the US Keeps Approving Them?

President Putin says “Russia must protect its citizens from GMOs” even as the US Congress considers preempting state GMO labeling laws

The Real Costs of Fracking

The Real Costs of Fracking

Although it has been given little publicity, fracking has been linked to ill health in livestock, pets, and people living near drill sites

Ex cabinet minister was photographed in sauna with naked boy at notorious guest house, MP tells Parliament

Evidence linking establishment figures with the guest house, where children were regularly abused, ‘disappeared’ after a 1982 police raid

Illuminati TV Commercial - Official

Illuminati TV Commercial – Official

Secrecy has been their byword for millennia. However, word is spreading about them so now they are trying a new ploy. Watch what purports to be an ‘official’ Illuminati TV ad

The Holocaust Narrative: Politics Trumps Science

The Holocaust Narrative: Politics Trumps Science

High praise: Jim Fetzer reviews a “brilliant” scientific study of the Holocaust by Nick Kollerstrom, whom Fetzer describes as “the world’s leading iconoclast”

Dail suspended three times as Joan and Mary Lou clash again

Heated exchange highlights a history of alleged paedophilia and sexual abuse within the Irish Republican movement

Michael Calabrese was found floating upright. Click to enlarge

WTC Demolition Participant Murdered?

At the time of his death Calabrese was preparing to go public and reveal his role in placing the placing demolition charges in the World trade Center

Leo XIII (Pope from 1878 to 1903)

Pope Said Freemasonry is Satanism

In 1902, Pope Leo XIII said the aim of Freemasonry is “to exercise an occult overlordship upon society; [its] sole raison d’etre is to wage war against God and His church.”

NATO warns that Russia could exert control over entire Black Sea

US General Philip Breedlove claims that Russia may be marshalling resources to push for more territory

Illuminati Hypersexualisation of Children Exposed!

Big money and behavioural engineers appear to be trying to ensure that today’s children are bombarded with an array of media glamorising sex long before they’re ready