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As euphoria fades, Mosul wonders what ISIL rule will bring

Many of the city’s Sunni residents who at first welcomed the ISIL insurgents are now having second thoughts

Gunsights on the OK Per Se

Let us consider Joe Biden who’s playing Bozo the Bloodstained Clown to Howdy Doody; two doomed puppets with not a gram of integrity between them.

Pesticides linked to honeybee decline are affecting other species, scientists say

Pesticide contaminating soils with highly toxic chemicals “5,000 to 10,000 times more toxic to bees than DDT” – which is already banned

The New Jewish Prophet

The New Jewish Prophet

Gilad Atzmon reflects on his being likened to “the ancient prophets” — by a leading Jewish theologian, no less

Israel claims Assad’s forces behind cross-border attack that killed teen

Is Israel looking for a pretext to intervene directly in Syria?

Nazis Yielded to Wives of Jews

Nazis Yielded to Wives of Jews

A little known historical footnote shows the Nazis were more concerned about their image than our own leaders

Iran Air Force Mig-29 over Tehran. Iraqi Air Force Mig-29s were among many Iraqi planes flown to Iran to escape destruction during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Iran impounded the planes and pressed some into service in the Iranian Air Force in lieu reparations for Iraq's attacking Iran at the outset of the First Persian Gulf War 1980-1988. Click to enlarge

Iran returns military aircraft to Iraq after 20 years

The planes, which were flown to Iran at the outbreak of the Gulf War in 1991, have been held in lieu reparations for Iraq’s having triggered the First Persian Gulf War 1980-1988

Gary Oldman. Click to enlarge

Gary Oldman defends Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin, criticizes ‘political correctness’

Anti-Defamation League director Abraham Foxman has already denounced Oldman for his defence of Gibson

Finding Your Way Through The Empire of Flesh

You see some strange things in these times symbolic caricatures that emphasize the cartoon atmosphere of this truly unpredictable period

Mounting Evidence of Western Support For ISIL Militants

Mounting Evidence of Western Support For ISIL Militants

The same unholy trinity behind much of the mayhem in the Middle East appears to be at work in Iraq

US, UK ignored Kurds’ warning over ISIL in Iraq

Another indication that the U.S. and UK are working in collusion with Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorists

A satellite image shows a plume of smoke rising from Iraq's largest oil refinery. Click to enlarge

Iraq Isis Crisis: Sunni Islamists Claim Control of Baiji Oil Refinery Again

Taking control of the facility would be vital for the militants who need energy resources to fuel their fighting.

Male Longing

Male Longing

Philip Wyeth describes a feeling many men will recognize.

Ukraine conflict. Click to enlarge

The Civil War In Ukraine Has Created A Massive Humanitarian Crisis Which Will Ultimately Benefit Russia

Each passing day is pushing eastern Ukraine further from Kiev and closer to Russia.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney. Click to enlarge

Cheney: Another 9-11 Coming, But ‘Far Deadlier’

Does the former vice president know something we don’t? Includes video

US is militarizing Ukraine to invade Russia. Sergei Glazyev

We’re not sure the U.S. is planning to invade Russia but some sort of momentous clash is being orchestrated. An advisor to President Putin explains (with English subtitles)

Abandoned and burned out Iraqi Army Humvee near Mosul. Click to enlarge

If history and petropolitics teach us anything, the collapse of Iraq shouldn’t come as surprise

You only need to go back ten years to see how this was a crisis waiting to happen

Kaporos shlugging: a rabbi transfer the karmic weight of sins to a chicken. Click to enlarge

Jews – The Voodoo View

Judaism and Voodoo may have more in common than you’d think

Melanie Phillips. Click to enlarge

There is No Other Wicked Religion in the World Than Islam

As Kevin Boyle explains, columnist Melanie Phillips comments about Islam are an expression of cynical, calculated hypocrisy

ISIL militants well-funded for years: Scott Richard

Press TV talks with Scott Rickard, a former US intelligence linguist, about the emergence of ISIL