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“World power belongs to Jewry. The twilight of the gods has come upon us: you, the Jews, are the masters, and we are the slaves.”
— Wilhelm Marr, 1879.

The Jewish Question: A Problem Without a Solution (Part 2)

“A good time for the Jews is not a good time for mankind. The regimes that are “good for Jews” are rarely good for anybody else.” — Israel Shamir

New sanctions on Russia could ‘seriously’ impact growth: Minister

Sanctions could also prompt the emergence of much more extreme attitudes towards the West among Russia’s leaders too

Jimmy Savile and a younger William Hague, currently serving as British Foreign Secretary. Click to enlarge

Wilful Ignorance Allowed Savile to Continue His Crimes For More Than Fifty Years

Official report reveals Savile to be the most prolific sex offenders ever with a penchant for necrophilia

ALL of the net jobs gains in the U.S. since 2000 have gone to immigrants

U.S. workforce has increased by 6 million since 2000, but the number of native-born Americans holding jobs has declined

Journalist Milton Shulman advised John Ainsworth Davis on the book "Op JB." He left a 70-page account of this collaboration in his autobiography, Marilyn, Hitler & Me, published in 1998. Click to enlarge

Confirmed – British Rescued Martin Bormann

“James Bond” was originally the code name of the operation that rescued Martin Bormann from Berlin, The mission was led by Ian Fleming and John Ainsworth Davis, who inspired Fleming’s novels

London Times Exposes Saudi Creation of Terrorist Threat

London Times Exposes Saudi Creation of Terrorist Threat

Actually we believe the threat is not only the product of Saudi Arabia. British, U.S. and Israeli covert operations have also been involved

Syrian UN Ambassador: “Constructive Chaos” at Work in the Middle East

As in “order out of chaos”: Syria’s UN Ambassador tells it like it is

Obama seeks $US500m to equip Syrian rebels

Guaranteed to stoke the fires of conflict even more in Syria and adjacent Iraq

Iraq Confirms Syria’s Bombing on ISIS Bases; Baghdad to Buy Russian Warplanes to Dispel Rebels

Iraq plans to buy Russian jets to ‘destroy the terrorists’ hideouts after long delays waiting for U.S. F-16s

Catastrophe of the People's Voice

Catastrophe of the People’s Voice

A sorry tale of high hopes dashed but also a reflection of the man who inspired those hopes: David Icke

Robin Thicke’s Video “Get Her Back” or How Pop Culture Keeps Promoting a Culture of Death

Robin Thicke’s Video “Get Her Back” or How Pop Culture Keeps Promoting a Culture of Death

Strip away the superficial niceties and Robin Thicke’s latest video becomes a creepy tale of a stalker harassing an ex-lover.

U.S. air strikes against Iraqi militants months away

President Obama will only approve air strikes against Sunni militants (most of whom are NOT Iraqi), if a more ‘inclusive’ government takes the reins of power in Baghdad. That could take months. Giving the militants time to consolidate their gains

According to the Russian government, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have sought asylum in Russia since the beginning of the crisis. They are hosted by their families and friends. However, the Western authorities refute this number because they are not grouped in refugee camps.

Ethnic and Cultural Cleansing in the Ukraine

History appears to be about to repeat itself in the Ukraine. Andrew Korybko explains

Israel uses matchboxes to intimidate

Israel distributes huge quantities of matchboxes in West Bank to inflame sentiment against Hamas, literally

Chaim Weizmann

Secret Soviet Reveals: Weizmann Outlined the Nakba as Early as 1941

A unique historical document, reveals that Zionist leaders planned to expel Palestinians from their homeland as early as 1941

Major General Qassim Suleimani (right), consults with another senior IRGC officer. Click to enlarge

Iran Secretly Sending Drones and Supplies Into Iraq, U.S. Officials Say

The West is playing a dangerous double-game in Iraq and it’s being assisted in what amounts to a double-cross by the corporate media

Syria’s Assad Accused of Boosting al-Qeada with secret oil deals

A prime exampls of how the corporate media is peddling lies for your money at the bidding of Western intelligence

The Real Hate: Foisting "Gay Pride" on Society

The Real Hate: Foisting “Gay Pride” on Society

Media sycophants sing hymns to “gay pride” without revealing the sordid story of gay sex.

Chaos theory: ISIS & Western foreign policy

Round and round she goes, and where she stops nobody knows. Spiraling from Egypt to Afghanistan, from Western Sahara, Transdniester and Palestine to Iraq.

Abdul-Kareem Al-Ways

Captured Jabhat Nusra Leader Exposes Saudi, American Roles in Terrorism

Statement by captured terrorist indicates the involvement of “Saudi, Qatari, American and British officers” in Syrian conflict