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Ukraine: Zionist America's New Jewish Colony

Ukraine: Zionist America’s New Jewish Colony

Both the new president and prime minister have now been “outed” as Jews — and this in a country, where as illustrated by Right Sector fascists, there is deep-seated hatred of Jews. This is surely a recipe for disaster

Did the Jews Lose Europe?

Did the Jews Lose Europe?

The tone of the article, published in the Jewish Forward, implies that until just a few days ago, at least some Jews believed that Europe was, in part, a ‘Jewish property.’

Edward Snowden Proves “Education” is Spiritual Suicide

Another take on the “is Edward Snowden authentic” debate. Tony Blizzard raises some valid points here although we’re not sure they necessarily prove Snowden’s integrity

Out of the Echoing Darkness the Avatar is Coming

It is one of the tenets of ‘ageless wisdom’ that somewhere around every 2200 years, an avatar shows up to sweep the planes clean of all the evil operatives

Obama Considers Training Syrian Rebels

Obama Considers Training Syrian Rebels

Even as the U.S. ostensibly withdraws from Afghanistan — ostensibly because Obama wants nearly 10,000 troops to remain — plans are underway to escalate U.S. involvement in the Syrian conflict

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 search now a total circus as officials say pings actually came from ping detector

The search for the missing airliner turns from a tragic mystery to farce

Artists impression the the capsule's powered landing. Click to enlarge

SpaceX’s new Dragon capsule could be the future of space travel

Reusable, with a capacity for 7 astronauts and capable of powered landings, the upgraded capsule could revolutionise space travel

Bilderberg Files Caught on Camera

Current British Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer ambushed and embarrassed at elitist gathering. Includes videos

The Ever Intensifying Madness of the Times

Madness of many permutations is rapidly increasing, just as the vermin which feeds on carrion are increasing in size and number like the rats in New York City

Ukraine army deflated as guerrilla warfare unfolds

Ukrainian government struggles to contain insurgents in the east of the country as pro-Russian separatists prove to be ruthless and adept

Smoke rises from the downed Ukrainian army helicopter Thursday

Russia Withdraws Most of Forces From Ukraine Border: U.S.

The “majority of the Russian forces” have now withdrawn from the Ukrainian border, says Pentagon spokesman, as pro-Russian separatists shot down Ukrainian helicopter.

Lindsey Stirling’s “Shatter Me”: A Video About Monarch Programming

Lindsey Stirling’s “Shatter Me”: A Video About Monarch Programming

Being a violinist, Lindsey Sterling is not your typical pop star. Nonetheless, like many other stars she also promotes the Illuminati agenda. Vigilant Citizen explains

$1 Trillion Motherlode of Lithium and Gold Discovered in Afghanistan

Beyond its lucrative drugs trade, which the U.S. invasion helped revive, it looks like there more rich pickings to be had in Afghanistan

Prince Charles talks to Lynn Forester de Rothschild (left), organizer of the Conference on Inclusive Capitalism, and Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, before Tuesday's conference. The 250 corporate and financial leaders who attended control some $30 trillion, about a third of the world's investable assets. Click to enlarge

World’s Richest People Meet, Muse On How To Spread The Wealth

Seriously. They have our best interests at heart. Or so they want us to believe. Speakers included: Prince Charles, Bill Clinton, IMF head Christine Legarde and organiser Lynn Forester de Rothschild

Revenge Killer Traumatized by Porn as Child

Revenge Killer Traumatized by Porn as Child

We’ve heard a lot about tightening gun legislation in the wake of the Virgin Killer slayings but there one aspect the media are pointedly silent about. How Elliot Rodger’s exposure to porn at a young age resulted in sex addiction

Obama lauds Iran talks, says unilateral action still an option

Time is running out for the U.S. to exercise “all options”, as Iran steadily builds up its military technology, so it’s difficult to know if Obama really means this? Or whether he’s just trying to placate Israel and the Jewish lobby

Employment-Population ratio 2014. Click to enlarge

Economy Shrinks for First Time in Three Years as GDP Contracts 1 Percent

This report tries to put a bright shine on what is essentially bad news by implying that this is temporary. However, that doesn’t alter the fact that this is not the ‘recovery’ we’ve been told to expect

All Wars Are Well Planned Banker Wars, including WWIII

All Wars Are Well Planned Banker Wars, including WWIII

Who Are the Real Owners of Our Planet For the Past 250 years?

Abraham and God: Partners in Crime?

Abraham and God: Partners in Crime?

19th century philosopher suggested a rapacious tendency in Judaism is evident in the Old Testament with Jews haggling with ‘God’. Which raises questions about the exact nature of the ‘god’ that chose the chosen?

‘I was trained as a spy’: Whistleblower Edward Snowden says he worked undercover for the CIA and NSA

Given that he was trained as a spy in the ways subterfuge and deception: one has to wonder if Edward Snowden is still practising the same?