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Here is additional movie drama. See the three crisis actors? What else is seen? It’s the Burger & Beer sign. This is a focal point of the movie set.
pic aussie crisis actors1: What else is seen? It is a kind of director, the man in the center with the headset and wire. He is clearly coordinating this part of the set. Click to enlarge

Hard Proof Sydney Hostage Crisis was a Movie Set

Before it disappears forever down the memory hole, hard evidence of crisis actors and their director at work

The Fierce Encroachment of the Last Gasp of Darkness

Happy New Year, my friends! May this coming year bring massive frustrations for The Overlords and a rapid diminishment of all of their powers and influence

I Fought Foreclosure and Won!

I Fought Foreclosure and Won!

When the Bank of America foreclosed on Denny, he demanded the bank prove it didn’t just create the mortgage money out of thin air. They couldn’t and eventually agreed to take a loss.

Iran Is Getting Away With Murder

Just when you thought that relations with Iran might warm, Jeffrey Goldberg’s latest blows that deceit away and signals the Zionists real agenda

Former commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, General John R. Allen. Click to enlarge

The incredible US “peace plan” for Syria

As Washington “liberal hawks” do all in their power to prolong the Syrian crisis, Thierry Meyssan reveals how they plan to exploit an upcoming ‘peace conference’

New Year’s Honours: row as Scots lawyer forced to quit child sex probe is made dame

Is this a reward for her part in helping to cover-up cases of historic sex abuse?

Afghanistan's poppy fields produce 90% of the world's opium. Is this why Obama wants nearly ten thousand U.S. troops to remain? To continue to guard the lucrative drugs trade? Click to enlarge

Flower power? Afghan opium production hits all-time high

After the Taliban had outlawed opium production, Coalition forces can now leave Afghanistan: mission accomplished

FBI briefed on alternate Sony hack theory

Security firm says its research points to a laid-off member of staff being behind the cyber attack, not North Korea

A young Naeim Giladi. Click to enlarge

Fake Terror is Oldest Trick in Zionist Toolbag

In the 1950s Naeim Giladi discovered that anti Semitism and bombings had been engineered by his fellow Zionists to dupe Iraqi Jews like himself into going to Israel.

The Zombiefication Of America

The dictionary defines Zombie as “the body of a dead person given the semblance of life, but mute and will-less”, which is what is happening all over America. Michael Snyder explains

Tony Fernandes, AirAsia CEO. Click to enlarge

AirAsia CEO Dumped Shares Days Before Flight Disappeared

Move prompts speculation Tony Fernandes had prior knowledge

China touts new weapon platforms, transparency

“The number of new warships that are put into service annually in China has overtaken the U.S. and has become the first in the world,” China Military Online claims

Monsantos Bt toxins found to kill human embryo cells

Half of All Children Will Be Autistic by 2025, Warns Senior Research Scientist at MIT

The root cause can be spelt out in one word: Monsanto

Little girl at a camp for internally displaced near the Afghan capitol, Kabul. Click to enlarge

Afghans fleeing war now face brutal winter

As Coalition forces prepare to depart at the official end of their combat mission, the misery for Afghan civilians looks set to continue. But there is one success story

ISIS Executes 100 of its Own Foreign Fighters in Syria

Islamic State thought to have executed at least 100 of its own fighters, many of them foreigners, suspected of preparing to abandon Jihad and return home

Police, bystanders and soldiers aid Cirrilo soldier at the War Memorial. Click to enlarge

Ottawa Shooting Was “Completely Fake” – Friend of Insider

Reader claims he was told of attack six months prior.

A timely reminder of the bloody anniversary we all forgot

The 150th anniversary of a long forgotten war has just passed. Robert Fisk reflects on the American Civil War

Indonesia says missing AirAsia plane could be at ‘bottom of sea’

Prospect of finding the missing AsiaAir plane begins to look increasingly grim. Capping a disastrous year for Malaysia-affiliated airlines

NDCC War room in central Moscow. Click to enlarge

Russia launches ‘wartime government’ HQ in major military upgrade

Russia has established a heavily fortified command and control centre in central Moscow, ready assume control of the country in the event of war

Iran Tests Skyguard Missile System to Hit Hostile Drones in Drills

Iran has developed its air defences to the point where military strategists would think twice before launching an air campaign against it. If they haven’t already