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Illuminati TV Commercial - Official

Illuminati TV Commercial – Official

Secrecy has been their byword for millennia. However, is spreading about them so now they are trying a new ploy. Watch what purports to be an ‘official’ Illuminati TV ad

The Holocaust Narrative: Politics Trumps Science

The Holocaust Narrative: Politics Trumps Science

High praise: Jim Fetzer reviews a “brilliant” scientific study of the Holocaust by Nick Kollerstrom, whom Fetzer describes as “the world’s leading iconoclast”

Dail suspended three times as Joan and Mary Lou clash again

Heated exchange highlights a history of alleged paedophilia and sexual abuse within the Irish Republican movement

Michael Calabrese was found floating upright. Click to enlarge

WTC Demolition Participant Murdered?

At the time of his death Calabrese was preparing to go public and reveal his role in placing the placing demolition charges in the World trade Center

Leo XIII (Pope from 1878 to 1903)

Pope Said Freemasonry is Satanism

In 1902, Pope Leo XIII said the aim of Freemasonry is “to exercise an occult overlordship upon society; [its] sole raison d’etre is to wage war against God and His church.”

NATO warns that Russia could exert control over entire Black Sea

US General Philip Breedlove claims that Russia may be marshalling resources to push for more territory

Illuminati Hypersexualisation of Children Exposed!

Illuminati Hypersexualisation of Children Exposed!

Big money and behavioural engineers appear to be trying to ensure that today’s children are bombarded with an array of media glamorising sex long before they’re ready

May you be Ever Thankful, Today and Always

The talking heads, are all using the term, ‘Turkey Day’, because there could well be an unspoken prohibition against the use of the word ‘Thanksgiving’, just as there is against the word, ‘Christmas’

This could be the official logo of Sex Kitten Programming. The face of a cat that has a thunderbolt (representing electroshock torture) splitting its head in half (representing the fracturing of the psyche of MK slaves).

The 2014 American Music Awards Were Littered With Illuminati Symbolism

Award shows do not exist to reward the most deserving artist, they are a carefully planned to celebrate those behind the music industry and the forces they serve

What If America Declared Itself Christian?

What If America Declared Itself Christian?

Israel is the only Western country allowed to define its national character in law.

Ukrainian General Reveals Who is Really behind the Strife in Ukraine

Ukrainian General-Colonel Yan Kazemirovich reveals that CIA agents and Masons are behind the ongoing strife in Ukraine. With English subtitles

Max Blumenthal. Click to enlarge

The Pathology of Max Blumenthal

Gilad Atzmon explains why activist Max Blumenthal is an exemplary specimen of a supremacist Jew. Includes video

Did They Want More Violence In Ferguson? 10 ‘Coincidences’ Too Glaring To Ignore

Was the chaos that engulfed Ferguson allowed to happen? Did the Obama administration deliberately delay the deployment of the National Guard?

DeAndrea Joshua. Click to enlarge

Was Murdered Ferguson Man a Grand Jury Witness?

Was DeAndre Joshua killed in retribution for his testimony in the Michael Brown shooting case?

Dinner with the Devil and the Patanjai Method

The bankers ARE the problem. It’s no coincidence that Christ’s greatest wrath was reputedly directed at the moneychangers, the forerunners of modern bankers

USA To Deploy 150 Tanks near Russian Border

The US Army is planning to station 150 tanks and heavy armoured vehicles in eastern Europe, close to Russia’s border

Bibi to Chuckie: "You're Fired"!

Netanyahu Fired Chuck Hagel

Mike King looks at two leading contenders to succeed Hagel

Insiders Looted Gold Worth $200b from South African Reserve Bank

Insiders Looted Gold Worth $200b from South African Reserve Bank

Stephen Goodson has written a hair raising account of the South African equivalent of the Federal Reserve. As a former Director, he is in a position to know.

MPs rebuke social media giant for failure to act on online activities of Lee Rigby’s murderer Michael Adebowale

In preparation for stricter control of the Internet?

The growth of federal debt

The Debt Enslavement System That Dominates Our Lives

The elite don’t want Americans to understand how they are enslaved. So next to nothing is taught about the Federal Reserve in schools