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Jewish support for U.S. Iran strike drops, AJC poll shows

Declining support for U.S. strike on Iran but a slim majority of American Jews still advocate military action

Soulless Corporate Whores, doing the Inverse Cowpie in the Pig Sty

Are you pursuing life or death? Can you tell the difference? These are questions everyone ought to be asking themselves, along with, “:What is real?” “Who am I?”

The Ocean is Broken

Formerly teeming with life, large swathes of the Pacific now appear devoid of fish and sea birds. Greg Ray reports on an ocean haunted by the ghost of Fukushima

The Last Roll of the Dice

The Last Roll of the Dice

Time is running out for the Zionists. Confronted by mounting awareness about them they may feel compelled to stage another false flag. But it will have to be big and may even involve a nuclear weapon

‘Russia eyes Egypt’s ports in bid to boost military presence’

Cold-shouldered by Washington, Cairo could be just the thing Putin needs to secure more influence in the region, report says

Dark Autumn

Dark Autumn

What do you tell your children to hope for?

‘NSA spied on 60mn phone calls in Spain’

Following revelations the U.S. National Security Agency bugged German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone and millions of French phones, its now been revealed that it did the same with millions of Spanish phones too

Canadian Man Acts to Stop Chemtrails

Canadian Man Acts to Stop Chemtrails

Conspiracy is like the weather. Everyone talks about it, but no one does anything. Finally, an Ottawa man is addressing both.

Important! Canadian Fukushima Radiation Updates

Alaska, Hawaii, California and Canada are already affected and in less than six years the entire Pacific Ocean could have dangerous levels of radioactivity. Includes video

Cadillac thorium fuel concept vehicle. Click to enlarge

The thorium-powered car: Eight grams, one million miles

What’s the betting that the oil companies will try to sabotage this project if it looks likely to succeed?

Aussie, New Zealand soldiers wounded in ‘insider’ Afghan attack

Latest insider attack took place at the newly opened Afghan National Army Officer Academy

1775 depictions show Americans being slaughtered. No one is even firing back. Click to enlarge

Was 1775 “Battle of Lexington” a False Flag?

It seems Americans have been manipulated into fighting wars from the get-go.

‘Israel intercepted millions of French calls’

‘Israel intercepted millions of French calls’

Mossad reportedly behind the hacking of the Elysee Palace’s communications network

United States tracked Merkel’s phone since 2002: report

Obama apologises and pleads ignorance in defence

In China, cockroaches now being farmed, powdered and sold to pharmaceutical companies as medicine

In China, cockroaches now being farmed, powdered and sold to pharmaceutical companies as medicine

Hailed as a “miracle” remedy, cockroaches have become big business in China

Sooner or Later, Out of the Hearts of Humanity

My job and the job of all heralds in this time is to proclaim the coming age, expose the enemies of humanity and generally tell anyone and everyone to be optimistic despite appearances. “A change is gonna come.”

Israel issues warning on report on Iran bomb

Israel issues warning on report on Iran bomb

As Israel again warns that it “will not stand by and watch Iran develop nuclear weapons”, we need to remind ourselves of the numerous reports about Iraq’s efforts to develop WMD, which turned out to be baseless. Is history repeating itself?

The Cowgirl from Hell on the Damnation Train

As long as there are wars there will be an economy and there will be something to steal. This is the fuel that the Damnation Train burns. It burns the hopes and dreams of the people

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

TV host Simon Cowell shows where his loyalty really lies

US already third world economy: American economist

According to Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury: “America is in the toilet, and the rest of the world knows it”