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On Blood Rituals

On Blood Rituals

Jews had better beware and be alarmed. If history reveals anything, it warns that Jews are clearly getting themselves into trouble once again. If Jewish history teaches us anything, it also predicts that my call will be dismissed by Jews

Prometheus as Liver Pate

Somewhere between now and mid-November, the world will be utterly transformed, or so I hear. Everything is still avoidable but it’s the collective delusion of the masses that makes so many outrages possible

Greece is starting to look like Weimar Germany

Greece is starting to look like Weimar Germany

For more than 30 years, Golden Dawn crawled along as one of Europe’s negligible Nazi movements. Then, in 2012, it secured nearly half a million ballots and became the third largest party. What happened? In short, the euro

A Syrian solution to civil conflict? The Free Syrian Army is holding talks with Assad’s senior staff

Disaffected by the growing influence of the al-Qa’ida-linked al-Nusra Front, elements of the Free Syrian Army have covertly approached the Assad regime

Yale Professor: Fukushima Will ‘Threaten Humanity for Thousands of Years’

Top professor warns ’all of humanity will be threatened for thousands of years’ if Fukushima is not stopped, and it may soon get much worse

Three Days of Darkness

Three Days of Darkness

This would provide a perfect opportunity for culling the population, in keeping with all these other false flag catastrophes that start out as drills and wind up as mysteries like Aurora, Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon

Syria researcher dismissed for falsifying credentials hired by Senator McCain

Illustrating the sort of charlatans now guiding US foreign policy, she also failed to disclose that she had previously been hired by an advocacy group that lobbies on behalf of Syrian rebels in Washington

Zbigniew Brzezinski

Smolensk Crash Was a Russian/NWO Coup

The decapitation of the Polish elite April 10, 2010 was a brazen coup d’etat, aided by traitors, that returned Poland to the Russian sphere of influence.

Russia Vows to Abide by S-300 Deal

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov pledges to fulfil Russia’s commitment to deliver the ‘game-changer’ air defence system to Iran

S-300 air defense systems. Click to enlarge

Iran to finally get hold of S-300?

The on-off Russian-Iranian S-300 deal may be back on again.

Outcasts from the Junta of the Status Quo

This is how it always ends. Evil operates behind a screen for centuries but… when the denouement arrives, evil is forced out to be seen, on the manifest playing field

FBI calls half of populace with 9/11 doubts potential terrorists

FBI calls half of populace with 9/11 doubts potential terrorists

A Department of Justice memo instructs local police to consider anyone who harbors “conspiracy theories” about 9/11 to be a potential terrorist

Avigdor Lieberman: Israel Should Attack Iran Alone

Avigdor Lieberman: Israel Should Attack Iran Alone

Israel is in a state of panic over the growing popularity of Iran at the UN. But it seems as if Israel is not alone. Gilad Atzmon explains

Tehran-born businessman’s arrest brings Israel closer to Iran spymaster

In what probably comes as welcome news to Prime Minister Netanyahu, on his way to address the U.N. General Assembly, the Shin Bet announced Sunday that they have uncovered an Iranian spy in Israel

Töben tells Zundel why he doubts the Holocaust: Video talk introduced by Lasha Darkmoon

Töben tells Zundel why he doubts the Holocaust: Video talk introduced by Lasha Darkmoon

100-minute cult classic video with an extensive introduction by Lasha Darkmoon

Man diagnosed as ‘comatose’ for 23 years was actually fully conscious, but paralyzed

Calling into question numerous cases where patient has been diagnosed as “comatose”

Illuminati Billionaires Love Marxists & Marijuana

Illuminati Billionaires Love Marxists & Marijuana

Rockefeller & Soros scheme with Uruguay Marijuana Reformer

The big lie of genetics exposed

Human DNA incapable of storing complete blueprint of the human form. Includes video

Rouhani outside Tehran airport after his return from New York, Sept 28, 2013. Click to enlarge

Iranians cheer, protest over Rouhani’s historic phone call with Obama

Rouhani gets a mixed reception on his return from New York City

7/7 Ripple Effect 2

An updated and expanded version of an investigation that has become something of a classic