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The Impossible, the Improbable, the Real and the Unreal

Introductions aside, check out the photo of the Supreme Court judge who will officiate at an upcoming same-sex marriage. Truly she looks like the off-spring of a demonic union. Seriously

On Immoral Interventionism

On Immoral Interventionism

Gilad Atzmon with a reminder that only a few months ago some outspoken critics of Israel were equally critical of President Assad, to the point that some were ready to assist in his overthrow

Syria: Putin rubbishes chemical attack claims

Describing as “utter nonsense” what U.S. Vice President Kerry called “clear and compelling” evidence, Putin challenges US account of events

BBC’s Newsnight: The Jewish Drive For War

Did BBC reporters call in an air strike on a school playground in northern Syria and film the consequences? It wouldn’t surprise Kevin Boyle and nor would it surprise us

Reenacting a person’s last agonizing moments to sell an item of clothing is disturbingly wrong.

Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

Symbolic pictures that reveal something deeply disturbing is going on in the world of high-fashion

French and Russian warships 'head for Syria'

French and Russian warships ‘head for Syria’

Powerful French warship en route to join US navy in the Mediterranean as President François Hollande says France is “ready to punish” those behind the chemical weapons attacks

US set for Syria strikes after Kerry says evidence of chemical attack is ‘clear’

Vice President presents what he describes as ‘a clear and compelling case’ for a military strike on Syria

Miley Cyrus: Pedophilia-The Next Frontier

Miley Cyrus: Pedophilia-The Next Frontier

Not everyone was ready to condemn Miley Cyrus’s performance at the VMA recently. The Huffington Post for example, described it as presenting ‘a good role model for girls’

France: UK Vote Doesn’t Thwart Plans To Hit Syria

Obama needn’t worry about the British parliament’s reluctance to authorise the use of military force against Syria. The French have signalled their readiness to push ahead with plans for a military strike

Crank up that New and Improved, Old False Flag

The powers that think they are hamstrung. They are not used to being stymied. They are not used to being unable to get their proxies to kill on command. This is why, that old false flag is on the front burner

BBC reporter Ian Pannell in Aleppo, allegedly trapped by the fighting there. Click to enlarge

Syria: New Horrors!!

In the face of public reluctance to attack Syria the BBC has come up with new horror stories. The Syrian government aren’t just using chemical weapons, they’re bombing children’s playgrounds with napalm!!

Obama strike plans in disarray after Britain rejects use of force in Syria

The US may be forced to act alone as common sense prevails and the UK parliament rejects a motion authorizing military action against Syria

Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows Death Camps – A Deliberate Policy of Extermination

Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows Death Camps – A Deliberate Policy of Extermination

These photos and videos aren’t of Nazi concentration camps. These are allied death camps holding German POWs; millions of whom died in a forgotten WWII episode

The Real Target of these Attacks is not Syria

Robert Fisk on why real intention behind Western efforts to isolate Assad is not the promotion of human rights or peace

LaRouche Movement a Cult, says fmr Volunteer

LaRouche Movement a Cult, says fmr Volunteer

A reader describes how the Lyndon LaRouche movement is part political movement, part cult

Climbing Jacobs Ladder in WTF Country

Most would know that deities are powerful and can be unsettling. Fewer people know that angels and devas are not the sweet characters you see on greeting cards and at New Age trinket shops

Western Democracies and Criminal Interventionism

Western Democracies and Criminal Interventionism

Instead of ‘Shock and Awe’ this time the Pentagon is talking about ‘surgical attack’. The English speaking empire, famous for its destructive inclinations, makes the potential attack on Syria sound like a ‘cosmetic effort’

John Zorn's Artist Performs to Jews Only (Audio)

John Zorn’s Artist Performs to Jews Only (Audio)

Once a hotbed of political activism during the apartheid era, Johannesburg’s Wits University has seen a recent revival of apartheid. Except now it’s “Jews only” events

Russia sends warships to Mediterranean as Syria tensions escalate

As French acknowledge that plans to strike Syria are proving “difficult to develop”

Bahman Nassiri, 62, tries to get his message out. Click to enlarge

Freemason Warns of BioChem Attack on US City

Is a chemical or biological weapons attack looming somewhere in the U.S.? We reserve judgement and leave readers to decide