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It won’t stop at the airports

Guidelines for the protection of your rights, if the FBI or JTTF ( Joint Terrorism Task Force) ever comes knocking at your door

AIPACs Fed Candidate Stanley Fischer on a Warpath against Iran

AIPACs Fed Candidate Stanley Fischer on a Warpath against Iran

Appointing an openly dual Israeli-American citizen into the most important central bank in the world could be a watershed moment

Gotchaland and the Angels of Retribution

When the cosmos decides the time has come, the time has come. There is no reprieve. there’s no higher court of appeal.

Mazel Tov to Chomsky and Jews Voice for Peace

Mazel Tov to Chomsky and Jews Voice for Peace

Judging from his latest appeal for donations, it appears that Noam Chomsky is up to his old tricks again. Gilad Atzmon explains

Mohamad Chatah – fierce critic of Assad – is murdered in Beirut

The latest victim of Islam’s Cold War? Or a targeted assassination intended to ignite further conflict between Sunni and Shia?

Congress Must Not Cede Its War Power To Israel

A bipartisan bill is pending in Congress right now would virtually commit the U.S. to go to war against Iran if Israel attacks the Islamic Republic

Iran sanctions bill: Big test of the Israeli lobby’s power

If it doesn’t break the Zionist Lobby’s power, a new bipartisan bill authorising renewed sanctions against Iran could take the U.S. closer to military conflict

Why Are Jewish Husbands Henpecked?

Why Are Jewish Husbands Henpecked?

Frank Senger asks why: when so many Jewish men are masters of their professions they morph into mice at home?

Iran developing new centrifuges for uranium enrichment

Iran is developing a new generation of centrifuges for faster uranium enrichment. However, they have yet to be mass produced; leading some observers to suspect that they are being used as a veiled threat against the imposition of renewed sanctions

On the Doorstep of a New World

On the Doorstep of a New World

These are truly strange times. The worst of us are in charge of so many things and the best of us have been forced to the margins. Because evil inevitably destroys itself, it has been decided to let it have free reign so it will go down all the faster

Yet another vaccine researcher caught faking research; vaccine industry riddled with scientific fraud

Newly-released federal documents reveal the stunning breadth of the fraud.

California police department gets $650,000 37,000lb armored military truck

California police department gets $650,000 37,000lb armored military truck

In the latest example of the increasingly militarised nature of U.S. law enforcement, police in a small Californian town are now using armoured vehicles

Chinese naval soldiers man their stations aboard the countrys first aircraft carrier Liaoning. Click to enlarge

China planning 110,000-ton ‘super aircraft carrier’ to rival US naval power

Marking another step to challenge U.S. supremacy, reports emerge of Chinese plans to launch a giant new nuclear powered aircraft carrier to rival America’s most powerful

Israel Replaces Names of Africans with Nazi-style Numbers

Israel Replaces Names of Africans with Nazi-style Numbers

African workers are welcome by Israel but are defined illegal. As a result, the Zionazis are now showing their true colours in dealing with them

Iranian Ayatollah: “If Christ were Alive today He would Fight America”

Although in their ignorance most of America’s so-called “Christians” may not realise it, the Koran treats Jesus Christ as a figure of respect. As does the Ayatollah in this latest speech

Poetry in Motion, Wave upon the Ocean

Life is as good as we are. Either we learn or we become lessons.

WHO: Cancer risk rising around the world; Western medicine failing globally

World Health Organisation predicts new cancer cases will climb by 37% by 2025. With most of the new cases occurring in developing countries increasingly influenced by Western culture

The Electronic Frontier Foundation hoodie that Edward Snowden often wore to work. Click to enlarge

An NSA Coworker Remembers The Real Edward Snowden: ‘A Genius Among Geniuses’

A former colleague paints a very different picture of Edward Snowden to that presented in a recent 60 minutes episode, which alleged he cheated on his NSA entrance exam

Iran MPs want higher enrichment in case of new sanctions

In answer to some U.S. lawmakers who have argued that tougher sanctions be imposed

Is Putin One of Us?

While his defence of traditional values has drawn the mockery of Western media and cultural elites, Putin actually speaks for many ordinary folk around the world. Patrick Buchanan explains