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Palestinian leaders vow to bring any suspects in Yasser Arafat death to justice

Forensic scientists find high and unexpected levels of Polonium, a radioactive poison, in Arafat’s clothing and personal belongings

Israeli opponents of Iran strike sidelined in vote

With Ehud Barak’s resignation due early next year, Netanyahu manoeuvres for more political support for a strike on Iran

Britain Supports Palestinian Bid for a State

Britain Supports Palestinian Bid for a State

But as Gilad Atzmon explains, this support comes with certain preconditions

The suffering of Sderot: how its true inhabitants were wiped from Israel's maps and memories

The suffering of Sderot: how its true inhabitants were wiped from Israel’s maps and memories

The people of Huj had helped the Jewish Haganah army escape the British. In return they were sent into Gaza as refugees

Is this the ‘tobacco moment’ for cannabis?

Mounting evidence from multiple studies links the use of cannabis, particularly heavy use and of the more potent forms, with the development of psychosis and schizophrenia

Iran warships returning to Sudan: military

Given reports that Iran would deliver more Fajr-5 missiles to Hamas and station Shahab-3 missiles in Sudan, we wonder if this is more than a courtesy call?

Cambridge to open ‘Terminator centre’ to study threat to humans from artificial intelligence

The founders say technologies already have the ‘potential to threaten our own existence’

The Osama bin Laden Myth

A historic interview conducted 17 days after 9/11 in which its alleged “mastermind” denies all involvement. This interview with bin Laden, verified by the BBC world monitoring service, was thereafter buried by the Western news media

Are Black Friday Riots A Preview of the Civil Unrest That’s Coming When Society Breaks Down

Are Black Friday Riots A Preview of the Civil Unrest That’s Coming When Society Breaks Down

If nothing else they illustrate how America has degenerated to the point where mindless materialism predominates. Includes video

Stop Me, Before I write about the Same Thing Again

There goes Mr. Visible, hammering on the SOS again. Can’t he pick a different subject? Why are we subjected to this on what seems like every day? You are subjected to this because I am subjected to the egregious indifference of a stoned and stupid population that thinks getting hosed is a blessed and religious experience

Barak's Shock Resignation

Barak’s Shock Resignation

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak sudden announcement will transform Israel’s political landscape and have ramifications well beyond

Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and China now more free than America in notable ways

Not even in North Korea are air travelers sexually molested by overpaid perverts and grown-up morons dressed up in a costume with a fake badge and the fabricated title of “officer”

In good company: the now notorious Jimmy Savile photographed with a younger Tony Blair. Click to enlarge

Satanist Pedophiles Rule Great Britain

The case is closed. The only question that remains: are Brits ready to face the truth and do something about it?

Israel may strike at ship allegedly carrying Iranian rockets to Gaza – report

“Regardless of the ceasefire agreement, we will attack and destroy any shipment of arms to Gaza once we have spotted it,” an Israeli defense official said

Argo and the Iranian Savage: A Film Review

Argo and the Iranian Savage: A Film Review

We all know that in Hollywood, narratives are applauded for their appeal, not their accuracy. Ben Afleck’s Argo is no different

China conducts first landing on aircraft carrier

An advanced Chinese-made J-15 conducted a successful landing and take-off. Includes video

The Visible Darkness of the Unyielding Night

Something has to change. Many things have to change and they will. They will. One of these days some big surprises are going to render us speechless and that time is in the event horizon, as I write these words

Mars Curiosity rover team set to announce ‘major discovery’ on surface of Red Planet

Announcement planned for early December that ‘will be one for the history books’

Justin Welby

Justin Welby: Secret life of my ‘alcohol-dependent’ father

Disclosures over the incoming head of the Anglican Church are hardly surprising. Indeed they illustrate how Christian institutions have been deliberately undermined. Only the corporate media won’t say as much

Netanyahu leads Israel into isolation

While Israelis congratulate themselves on the supposed ‘effectiveness’ of the Iron Dome defence system it shields them from an emerging reality