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Holocaust Propaganda (Yet Again) Not To Be Trusted

Holocaust Propaganda (Yet Again) Not To Be Trusted

Kevin Boyle writes in answer to Henry Makow’s recent posting and in the process exposes more Holocaust deception. Includes video

Notice the Marxist clinched fist and the motto "no pasarán"on T-shirt, made famous by the Spanish Communist Party and the Sandinistas of Nicaragua

Pussies Riot against Putin from London to Moscow

The left leaning Morning Star published Israel Shamir’s popular essay on Pussy Riot. Yet hours after publication it was taken down following pressure from the Jewish Lobby. As Shamir explains, they had good reason to object

5 Dead After Suspected Insider Attack in Afghanistan

Days after joint operations between U.S. and Afghan forces were supposed to be returning to normal, a fierce fire fight erupts between the two ‘allies’, leaving two Americans and three Afghans dead

Former Syrian rebel fighters at a press conference organised by opposition groups tolerated by Assads regime. Click to enlarge

Three Reports Telling Two Remarkably Different Stories

Three reports from Syria each presenting a very different version of events unfolding there. The BBC report being a remarkably obvious and bad piece of propaganda

Italy FM: Israeli attack against Iran could happen

Italy’s foreign minister and Associated Press reiterate what ahould be obvious: don’t write off the prospect of a sudden Israeli strike on Iran

Nazis Gassed Aryans But Not Jews?

In 1929 Hitler proposed the ‘removal’ of hundreds of thousands annually of the ‘weakest’. By 1940 the Nazis established six euthanasia centres for those Aryans considered ‘unworthy’ of life, including schizophrenics and the criminally insane

Australian man’s Holocaust story labelled a ‘lie’

Another ‘Holocaust survivor’s’ tale, which has been told in a best-selling book, may be no more than fiction

Pope’s Former Butler on Trial in Theft of Personal Papers

Interesting insofar as many of the allegations echo charges levelled by ‘conspiracy theorists’ years ago

Tinsel Glitter and the Cup the Holds Our Joy

Visible Origami returns in a whimsical, Edward Lear frame of mind. Although what he says isn’t entirely nonsensical

Netanyahu appearing before the UN General Assembly in 2012 to warn of the threat posed by Iran. Since then we've seen no hard evidence of Iran's nuclear weapons drive, although we've heard plenty more allegations. Click to enlarge

Benjamin Netanyahu’s warning reveals his moments of memory loss

Not since the last set of cartoons flourished in the UN has the world been so gobsmacked. Then it was Colin Powell who displayed his own cartoon of white-coated Iraqi chemists making WMDs in a mobile laboratory

Bibi’s Crazy UN Speech

Justin Raimondo on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s United Nations speech

Pornography’s Effect on the Brain, Part 1

Pornography’s Effect on the Brain, Part 1

This is not a conspiracy theory, writes Dr Lasha Darkmoon. It is an intellectually defensible thesis for which there is now a growing body of scientific evidence

Will Israel Blow Up Something and Falsely Blame It On Iran?

After 9/11 – and Israel’s covert involvement in that – anything’s possible

Let's Look at Porn

Let’s Look at Porn

Is porn the “cocaine” of a debilitating sex addiction or the expression of natural male sex drive?

Final Conflict 2012? Engineering World War III

Dr Adrian Salbuchi on the Report From Iron Mountain and what the closing months of 2012 may bring

Iranian Ra’ad Air Defence System in Action

Iranian Ra’ad Air Defence System in Action

On video at least, the Iranian Ra’d or Raad air defence system looks impressive enough in action

Lord, Lord, I’m Leaving Dumb-Ass City

I can’t bring you to the mountain because the mountain is different for each one of us. The cosmos loves the singularity of the human estate.

US drones will soon be overtaken by new wave of robots

US drones will soon be overtaken by new wave of robots

Like something out of the Terminator movies, new ‘autonomous’ drones under development will operate without human intervention

Israelis see no Iran war this year after Netanyahu’s speech

While some may not see a war erupting this year we wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the idea. An one Israeli official briefed on the government’s Iran strategy cautioned against interpreting dates Netanyahu gave at the United Nations as deadlines

Gravel beds discovered by Curiosity on Mars indicate possible dried streams. Click to enlarge

Mars rover finds evidence of an ankle-deep stream on red planet

An ancient stream, deep enough to be paddled through, once ‘ran vigorously’ across the surface of Mars, Nasa rover discovers