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It Is Not Just Your Imagination – American Families ARE Getting Poorer

The U.S. economy is collapsing and that collapse is going to accelerate dramatically in the coming years

The Case for Regional Currencies

Anthony Michels explains why Regional Currencies need to be an integral part of Monetary Reform

Egypt rejected U.S. demand to fire on Iranian ship: Suez chief

Chairman of Suez Canal Authority reveals U.S. demanded Egyptian Naval Forces fire on Iranian vessel carrying arms and ammunition to Syria

Lords of the Temporary and the Great Work

There are no accidents and there are no innocent bystanders. Every option and event, every possibility that we act upon and the intent behind that action, is attended by a specific degree and type of Karma. It is mathematical precision to the nth degree

State Dept to Americans: Don’t Go To Libya

Having helped replace the rule al-Qaddafi with that of rival militias, the U.S. State Dept. is now warning US citizens that Libya is “too dangerous to visit”

The silver lining behind the coming collapse: 10 reasons for legitimate optimism in the face of impending financial crisis

The silver lining behind the coming collapse: 10 reasons for legitimate optimism in the face of impending financial crisis

Because it cannot carry on like this, particularly when “cremation containers” are being stacked inside FEMA camps

Cannabis found to lower IQ of young

Cannabis found to lower IQ of young

No big surprise here, particularly for those well acquainted with the effects of the drug. But why has it taken so long for modern culture’s great adjudicator, science to discover what was obvious to many?

France tells Syrian opposition to form govt, pledges to recognize it

Thereby opening the way for outside ‘intervention’ to ‘assist’ Syria

Catholic Church Always Crypto Jewish

Catholic Church Always Crypto Jewish

“The Roman Catholic Church was established by crypto-Jews as a false “Christian” front for their Babylonian religion. Both Judaism and Catholicism are based upon Babylonian mysteries.”

Gerald Celente on the Upcoming Seed Event and Why People Need to Think for Themselves to Avoid a Replay of the 1930s

Gerald Celente on why Obama, the “teleprompter president”, is likely to win a second term and more

Syrian Helicopter Downed by ‘Rebels’ Over Damascus

Syrian Helicopter Downed by ‘Rebels’ Over Damascus

The conflict in Syria could be about to enter a much more dangerous phase, as those forces trying to overthrow President Assad up the ante. Includes video

Twitter Fellatio in Asia Minor

Too much superficial focus and too much importance placed on trivia, is life threatening. There is the enduring and the temporary. If your attention is mostly on the latter then you have little contact with the former

Detained Marine Veteran Transferred To A Psych Ward Hundreds Of Miles Away

Soviet style Psychiatry comes to the US: Dissident Marine (who questioned 9/11) incarcerated in Psychiatric Ward

Catholic Church Was Bulwark Against Cabalists

Catholic Church Was Bulwark Against Cabalists

Tony Blizzard on what the Reformation really brought to England

Two More U.S. Soldiers Killed by Renegade Afghan Soldier

The latest in a string of such incidents recently must have Coalition commanders concerned over loyalty and morale in their forces

Abandoned homes in Detroit's once affluent suburb. Click to enlarge

Graphic Illustration of America’s Decline

As Kevin Bauman’s photos illustrate, America’s decline is becoming all too evident in Detroit

The Syrian army would like to appear squeaky clean. It isn’t

War is a filthy affair and inevitably some of the dirt ends up on the participants. Robert Fisk reports first hand from Syria

Musical Chairs in Red Flag Country

Les Visible with some interesting advice on how to treat cancer; plus cheap and effective treatments for other ailments

Israeli rabbi calls for prayers for Iran’s destruction

An influential Israeli rabbi has called for prayers for Iran’s destruction, a week after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to sought his support for a possible attack on Iran

The Plan

“I have known “The Plan” since I was a small child and have seen it carried out just as I was told it would be….” – a former multi-generational server tells what she knows