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Bolton to Israel: Attack, It’s Your Right

John Bolton is a warmonger, pure and simple. The former U.S. Ambassador to the UN was one of the main cheerleaders for the Iraq invasion. Now he’s urging Israel to “attack Iran’s nuclear program on its own”

Wonder Bread Slinkys on the Stairway to Nowhere

Is America being turned into an open-air concentration camp? There is an awful lot of evidence that indicates that it is. Comparisons to the herding of cattle and sheep are not out of line

Minister for information who wants to go straight

The Syrians have learnt a lot from CNN and Al-Jazeera. Robert Fisk explains

The Movie “Videodrome” and The Horror of Mass Media

The Movie “Videodrome” and The Horror of Mass Media

Elements of prophecy and illumination can be found in the most unexpected places. Vigilant Citizen looks at a 1980’s science fiction/horror movie

9/11 and Zion: What Was Israel’s Role?

When Netanyahu said the very next day, ‘This is very good for Israel”, he wasn’t just blurting out something indiscreet, he was publicly congratulating the various agents who had worked so hard

Israeli Navy Chases Fishing Boats, Tries To Sink Them

Israeli Navy Chases Fishing Boats, Tries To Sink Them

Unaware they were being filmed, Israeli naval vessels harass Palestinian fishing boats and try swamp them as they return to port. Includes video

Pope sits before a satanic inverted cross during a visit to Israel in 2000

Hoffman – Vatican a Cabalist Front Since Renaissance

Different tactics and rhetoric should not be confused with war between an anti-Judaic Vatican and a pro-Judaic British Crown, warns Michael Hoffman

Does Shift Rotation In Gulf Signify Preparations For War?

Moscow based Middle East analysts say the possibility for a new war in the middle East remains high

McDonald’s S&M Club and the Chuck E. Cheese Bind and Ride

These beached whales of The Apocalypse know how to party down, all the way down. Down to the bottom. They kill by proxy. They kill with paper and ink. They kill indifferently

The Jewish Media

Zionist control of the Western media is clearly evident in the sneering, cynical comments on Rachel Corrie included here. Features poignant video of the 11-year-old Rachel

Rachel Corrie and the Kosher Legal Stamp

Rachel Corrie and the Kosher Legal Stamp

This week, Judge Gershon left us with a kosher stamp for a cold-blooded murder

Iran’s Khamenei Rules Out Nuclear Bomb

Iran’s Supreme Leader has told leaders of the Non-Aligned Movement that Iran will never develop a atomic bomb but will not abandon its nuclear program either

Report: Possible EMP Strike on Iran?

Concern grows that Israel may launch an electromagnetic pulse attack (EMP) – a high altitude nuclear blast that disrupts electronics – on Iran

Iran closely monitoring U.S. military bases in the region

In anticipation of a U.S./Israeli air campaign against the Islamic Republic

Hanna Rosin’s Lesbian Agenda

Hanna Rosin’s Lesbian Agenda

Casual sex has been viewed as socially corrosive and ultimately toxic to women. However, it can also be used as an engine of social change to be harnessed by a hidden few for their own ends. Henry Makow explains

Another ‘Green-on-Blue’ Attack

In the latest incident of its kind a member of the Afghan security forces has killed three Australian troops

An IDF soldier restrains a Palestinian girld as her mother is arrested

Israeli soldiers expose plight of Palestinian children

Israeli soldiers reveal the IDF’s use of Palestinian children as human sheilds

The Land of the Flea and the Home of the Slave

I close my eyes and I see the lumbering behemoths of corporate lobbyists, arm in arm with Republican lawmakers, rent boys, immigrant hookers (is this a great country or what?), in that grand experiment called The American Dream

Mass burial for the victims whom, Western media reported, "activists said were killed by forces loyal to Syria's president". Click to enlarge

Inside Daraya – how a failed prisoner swap turned into a massacre

The first Western journalist to report first hand from the scene of the massacre finds it may have been worse than first reported. And rather different too

‘We believe that the USA is the major player against Syria and the rest are its instruments’

Robert Fisk talks to Syria’s Foreign Minister Wallid Muallem, as explosions and tank fire rumble in the distance