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Relentless is as Relentless Does

This isn’t about me, except for my tenuous connection to being an American. This is about America, that place that isn’t a country, just an idea that a lot of people signed on to and had different ideas about

'UFO' at the bottom of the Baltic Sea 'cuts off electrical equipment when divers get within 200m'

‘UFO’ at the bottom of the Baltic Sea ‘cuts off electrical equipment when divers get within 200m’

Divers exploring strange object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea encounter more anomalies

UK ready to take on Israel over fate of children clapped in irons

Report by senior British lawyers presents damming assessment of Israeli treatment of young Palestinians. However the British government response, given pervasive Zionist influence over it, remains to be seen

22 Statistics That Prove the American Dream is Being Systematically Destroyed

The United States was once ranked #1 in the world in GDP per capita. Today it has slipped to #12 and looks set to fall even further

British Special Forces Operating Inside Syria

Ominous new developments in Syria contain the seeds of a much bigger conflict

Paraguay "Coup" Averted Marxist Takeover

Paraguay “Coup” Averted Marxist Takeover

While we reserve judgement, Marcos proffers some little known information on recent events in S. America

Russia says Iran crucial to success of Syria talks

Which may explain why the U.S. is adamantly opposed to Iran’s participation in the upcoming meeting

Olympics ‘will not be easy target'

Olympics ‘will not be easy target’

Remember these words and who spoke them. Because IF a false flag does occur at the London Olympics MI5 chief, Jonathan Evans could well be preparing a preamble for it

This flurry of memorials discourages deeper analysis of the cost of war

Memorials to commemorate Bomber Command ignore its many thousands of innocent victims. In effect, they honour a tradition of War Crimes that continues to this day

The BP Hell Bitch and Fukushima Slut do Lunch.

Somewhere a golden age lies secreted in our dreams. It really wants to happen but other things must happen first. It looks like it will find its own solution, due to ‘when push comes to shove’

Katy and little Katheryn find themselves in a room full of mirrors. The dark-and-light floor represents duality, a concept extremely important in mind control programming. The fact that little Katheryn’s reflection does not appear in the mirror emphasizes the fact that the girl is not real, but a part of Katy’s psychology. Katy’s dress is full of butterflies, a rather strong reminder that she is under Monarch Programming.

Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake”: A Video About Monarch Mind Control

Katy Perry’s video Wide Awake is yet another music video that alludes to the concept of Monarch mind control. Vigilant Citizen examines its storyline and imagery

AP Sources: UN Envoy Wants Iran at Syria Meeting

United Nations envoy Kofi Annan wants Iran to participate in a meeting to discuss Syria later this week. The U.S. however, is adamant that Tehran is excluded from talks

"Economic crises have been produced by us for the goyim by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation." – Protocols of Zion, 20

Piggies Squeal as Illuminati Tighten Noose

Henry Makow writes: It’s hard to feel sorry for people who forfeit control of the economy to a foreign cartel consisting of satanist families.

Superbug vs. Monsanto: Nature rebels against biotech titan

GM crops are devoured by the very pests they were genetically modified to kill

Decision to oust Caterpillar from influential ethical investing index linked to Israeli use of tractors

Deservedly so considering the fate of Rachel Corrie: the brave young American activist who was crushed to death by an IDF armoured Caterpiller

History shows polio caused by pesticide exposure, then was eradicated by decline in DDT use

History shows polio caused by pesticide exposure, then was eradicated by decline in DDT use

New study reveals that vaccination had little to do with eradicating polio

Anti-regime “rebels” accused of massacre in northern Syria

Anti-Assad “rebels” behind the latest atrocity near the Syrian border with Turkey

Russian arms ship to make second attempt to deliver helicopters to Syria

Russian arms ship to make second attempt to deliver helicopters to Syria

The Curacao-registered ship, which was turned back en route to Syria after its insurance was withdrawn, will make a second attempt to deliver its consignment. This time under a Russian flag and escort

American-backed Putsch in Paraguay

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark,” said Shakespeare’s Marcellus. “Many things are rotten in Paraguay,” we can counter him today. Roy Tov explains

"Title IX" Cut Off Male Athletes

“Title IX” Cut Off Male Athletes

Congress enacted title IX in 1972 to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender. Since then, the law has evolved to the point where it permits the very discrimination it was intended to prohibit