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Professional Courtesies for the Sharks in the Water

Nature carries the word upon the wind. Judgment is coming, whether you are quick or dead. Judgment is coming

Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan

Dagan: Strike on Iran could hasten bomb

Israel appears at odds with itself over how to deal with Syria and Iran. With former Mossad cheif Meir Dagan warning Wednesday that military action could impell Tehran to develop nuclear weapons

Global warming sceptics are BETTER-informed about science than believers

Naturally. Because the man-made ‘global warming’ propaganda is targeted at the ignorant and gullible

Do Jews Suffer from a False Identity?

Do Jews Suffer from a False Identity?

Many Jews are profoundly out of touch with their own truth. Henry Makow explains

The Houla Massacre: A War Provocation by NATO Death Squads in Himmler’s Gleiwitz Operation Tradition

Webster Tarpley tells Press TV that the Houla massacre has parallels with a similar Nazi operation at the outset of WWII

US troops imitate invasion of Iran with Arab allies

As turmoil engulfs Syria, in nearby Jordan 12,000 troops from the U.S. and 18 other allied nations a wrapping drills in what could be a rehearsal for something much bigger to come

Syrian diplomats expelled over Houla killings

Even though there is little to support charges of government involvement in the Houla massacre beyond rebel claims, a growing number of Western governments are taking Syria to task diplomatically

War Criminal Tony Blair Confronted At Leveson

War Criminal Tony Blair Confronted At Leveson

Indeed instead of taking the claims seriously, Lord Leveson and the mainstream media (who were complicit in the lead-up to all of Blair’s crimes) focused on how the lone protester gained access to the private corridor into courtroom

25 Signs That The ‘Smart Money’ Has Completely Written Off Southern Europe

The truth is that the entire European financial system is in danger of melting down.

Christian sues NHS over ‘totalitarian’ stance on abortion

Christian sues NHS over ‘totalitarian’ stance on abortion

A Christian mental health worker who was sacked over her opposition to abortion is suing the NHS accusing it of having a “dangerously totalitarian” approach to dissent on the issue

Ed, David and Glenn

Ed Miliband has been talking about his upbringing to reveal the standard trail of Jewish anguish and trauma

"Underworld" and the Illuminati Hybrid

“Underworld” and the Illuminati Hybrid

Underworld chronicles the emergence of the Illuminati hybrid, writes Aspen, with vampire and werewolf representing Jew and Gentile

Syria: Truth Behind the Houla “Shelling”

We leave readers to judge for themselves but note: you are unlikely to see this sort of probing on the nightly corporate “news”

Russian firm: Iran victim of another cyberattack

A Russian digital security provider Kaspersky, has discovered a new computer virus that doesn’t have the hallmarks of amateur hackers. Instead, Kaspersky has concluded that the research that went into the code was government-sponsored

Zombie apocalypse becomes reality in Miami as police shoot naked, mindless man literally eating the face off another man

More than anything the incident is a reflection of what America has become. How far it has fallen

Not Houla 2012 but Iraq 2003. Click to enlarge

BBC Caught Using ‘Iraq Photo to Illustrate Syrian Massacre’

Nonetheless, the Corporation ties itself in knots trying to explain it was just a simple mistake

The United Jewish Kingdom

The United Jewish Kingdom

It is always Jewish power exercised by just a very few that introduces danger to the entire Jewish community and beyond

Press 1 For English: Is America Destined to Become a Multilingual Nation?

According to Theodore Roosevelt: “The one absolutely certain way to bring this nation to ruin … would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities”

The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves

For a period during the mid-1600s the majority of the early slaves to the New World were actually white. A historical fact that political correctness and convenience has helped erase from popular memory

BBC Caught Passing Off Old Photos From Iraq as Being of Syrian Massacre

BBC Caught Passing Off Old Photos From Iraq as Being of Syrian Massacre

The BBC is it again. Using a photo from Iraq in 2003 and claiming it was of the Houla massacre. Once the photographer who took the original shot cries foul it’s removed. But not before a screen shot is saved