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Reverberations Over Israeli General’s ‘Rational’ Assessment of Iranian Leaders

In the wake of the publication of IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen Benny Gantz’s comments on Iran, Israel’s leaders have been at pains to deny differences

Michael Oren, Israeli ambassador to the US. Click to enlarge

Israeli Officials: 60 Minutes Report on Treatment of Christians a Strategic Threat

Israel’s Ambassador Michael Oren reportedly put pressure on CBS not to broadcast a report on Israel’s treatment of Palestinian Christians

Illustration featured daily with reports from the trial in Norways biggest 'news' paper Aftenpost

Breivik a False Flag to Discredit the Right

Was Anders Breivik’s mass murder a false flag intended to discredit the nationalist causes he pretends to espouse? Evidence is emerging that this is indeed the case

Alabaster Dream Castles and Fewmets under Glass

Armies of mouthbreathers surround us, with one hand on their dicks and another on the remote control. Budweiser is their aqua vitae and McDonald’s is their prophet. Their attention moves from the exercise of one appetite to the next

Spanish economy in “huge crisis” after credit downgrade

Eurozone’s fourth biggest economy sinks deeper as Spain posts one of the worst jobless figures in the world and retail sales slump for the 21st consecutive month

Iran Capable Of Launching Cyberattack Against U.S., Experts Say

Ramping up the threat posed by Iran, experts warn it could attempt a cyber attack on the U.S.

Rates of cancer, leukaemia and congenital deformities higher in Fallujah than those reported in the aftermath of nuclear explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Click to enlarge

The Children of Fallujah – families fight back

Robert Fisk on the legacy of the Anglo-American ‘liberation’ of Iraq

Obama Clears The Military To Kill Almost Anyone By Drone In Yemen

Instead of bringing “change you can believe in”, Obama has only brought more of the same foreign policy we saw under Bush

Mossad, Blackwater, CIA Led Operations in Homs

Mossad, Blackwater, CIA Led Operations in Homs

Evidence of outside involvement in Syrian unrest: hundreds of gunmen from the West and Gulf States surrender in Baba Amro; carrying Israeli arms and ammunition, coordinated by the CIA and all working in collusion with Western media

Israeli students cheer Nazis at Holocaust Remembrance Day play

True to hard line Israelis newfound description as Zionazis; it helps explain why they treat Palestinians the way they do

The Long Way up the Mountain on Memory Lane

Rise sleeping angels. Rise dreaming gods. Rise to the moment before us, against all odds. How good can it get, in this transition game, as the healing arrives for the halt and the lame?

The boy sitting with me in these photos was protesting against deadly US drone strikes...

The boy sitting with me in these photos was protesting against deadly US drone strikes…

Three days later the sixteen-year-old was killed – by a US drone

The Children of Fallujah - Sayef's story

The Children of Fallujah – Sayef’s story

A 2010 study said increases in infant mortality, cancer and leukaemia in Fallujah exceeded those reported by survivors of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The Children of Fallujah – the hospital of horrors

Part II of Robert Fisk’s report from Fallujah a decade after it was ‘liberated’ by U.S. forces

Mormonism is Luciferian & Masonic, says Reader

Mormonism is Luciferian & Masonic, says Reader

One of the key contenders in the upcoming race for the U.S. presidency is Mitt Romney, a Mormon. One of Henry Makow’s readers proffers a little background on Romney’s faith

One Person’s Heaven is another Person’s Hell

Lots of things don’t make sense these days. I can’t go to a news site any more, or read any news that isn’t either a total lie, totally absurd, or makes me embarrassed for the human race

‘Internet blackout’ set for 9 July: FBI to ‘pull plug’ on 350,000 virus-infected machines – cutting off Web for users in U.S. and UK

Is this a ruse by the authorities to take control of the Internet and shutdown troublesome websites?

The European Stabilization Mechanism, Or How Goldman Sachs Captured Europe

Ellen Brown on how a banker’s coup has triumphed in Europe, seemingly without a fight

Israel army chief doubts Iran ready to build bomb

So despite all the talk about the ‘existentional threat’ it poses for Israel, even the IDF chief admits that Iran probably doesn’t have a nuclear weapons program

Marine Le Pen.

On Le Pen and Populism

The Guardian referred to Le Pen today as a ‘populist appeal’. It obviously missed the point once again. Le Pen is popular because she touches some (unpopular) issues no one else, (including the Guardian) dares to touch