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Not Being Gay is Now a Crime

Not Being Gay is Now a Crime

‘Victimhood’ is a powerful social lever. So increasingly homosexuals are being presented as a persecuted minority. Even if they are not they are being portrayed as such. As Dharun Ravi (left) discovered

Disavowing Disavowal: In Defense of Gilad Atzmon

Disavowing Disavowal: In Defense of Gilad Atzmon

The campaign to ostracise and isolate Gilad Atzmon continues but not everyone’s convinced. Musician David Rovics explains why he won’t join the ADL (Atzmon Defamation League)

The Sweet Swinging Ineffable

The bad guys were well aware of the approach of The Apocalypse. They knew that an awakening was coming to the masses. This is the reason for the draconian environment that has been set up with things like Homeland Security and the TSA

Mysterious Booms Return To Clintonville, And They’re Louder

Dozens of reports overnight puts ‘earthquake’ explanation in doubt

Katy Perry’s ‘Part of Me’: Using Music Videos to Recruit New Soldiers

Katy Perry’s ‘Part of Me’: Using Music Videos to Recruit New Soldiers

How ‘pop culture’ is now being used to promote militarism – in a user friendly guise – to further the aims of the New World Order’s own particular brand of colonialism. Vigilant Citizen explains

In High Gear: Advanced Preparations of U.S.-Israel War Against Iran

This unnerving assessment is echoed by another favored media conduit for Israeli propaganda, Ronen Bergman, who after speaking with senior Israeli leaders earlier this year, concluded that, “Israel will indeed strike Iran in 2012.”

Queen attacked over ‘drug money fortune’

Claims by a candidate in the French elections that part of the Queen’s wealth is drugs money can’t be lightly dismissed. Her bank, Coutts, was recently fined for failing to carry out checks on ‘politically exposed persons’ to prevent money-laundering

The Massacre of the Afghan 17 and the Obama Cover-Up

At this point, only Presidential ‘rule by decree’ can secure rule at home and only massacres and cover-ups can sustain the occupations abroad. James Petras asks: how much longer can this last?

Black teens set white kid on fire (‘You get what you deserve, white boy’) They said!

This story presents an interesting contrast in how the media handles race. While the Trayvon Martin case has received wide publicity this has received only minimal coverage. Is that because the victim was white and his persecutors black?

Angie: Face of an Angel, Heart of a Demon

Angie: Face of an Angel, Heart of a Demon

Normally we are not interested in Hollywood stars but Chris Martin’s look at Angelina Jolie reveals some intriguing background on the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador

Netanyahu Sees Strike on Iran’s Nukes as Worth the Risk

Readers should bear in mind that this article is by Jeffery Goldberg, one of the main media cheerleaders for the invasion of Iraq. But even he now warns that Israel’s leaders display a “dangerous overconfidence” over attacking Iran

Interview with Gilad Atzmon by Prof. Norton Mezvinsky

Interview with Gilad Atzmon by Prof. Norton Mezvinsky

One could imagine how delighted I was to be interviewed (and grilled) by Prof. Norton Mezvinsky whom I admire for years

U.S.: Bales Killed Some, Came Back Again In Kandahar Massacre

While the official version of events now splits the Kandahar massacre into two episodes, more eyewitness accounts emerge that indicate more than one U.S. soldier was involved

An Afghan policeman checks a man at the main gate of the joint civilian-military base where two British soldiers were killed Monday. Click to enlarge

More Coalition Soldiers Killed By Afghan Security Forces

The situation goes from bad to worse: after two British soldiers are killed by an Afghan soldier in Helmand and another Coalition Forces member is shot by an Afghan policeman in eastern Afghanistan

Newspaper readership collapsing as people turn to alternative news for truthful reporting

The newspaper industry is dying, not merely because of competition from the Internet, but because the web’s many independent news sites are revealing the corporate media’s flawed, biased news coverage for what it is

“Women Don’t Need Men”

Feminism is social engineering. Anyone can do a job. Only a woman can be a mother

Bodysurfing the Kali Yuga

I could tell you all kinds of tales about what goes on in France, Tel Aviv and other places, where those devoted to misrule and disorder congregate. I don’t have to be there in person, remote viewing has its benefits

Cancer is finally cured in Canada but Big Pharma has no interest, watch it ’till the end!

Fox News Pushes For Strike on Iran

Fox News fabricates quotes to implicate Iran in terror attacks in India and Bangkok

Asian Porn Symptom of Age-Old Gender Dysfunction

Asian Porn Symptom of Age-Old Gender Dysfunction

The proliferation of Asian porn is a symptom of gender dysfunction more than its cause