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Global War and Hunger Porn on the way to Fat City

At the end of an age when technology has outpaced morality, you always get religious wars. You get a caveman mentality in a Star Trek environment. You get the detached video game effect, of bodies smoking and burning on a screen somewhere

Massive US Military Buildup on Two Strategic Islands: Socotra and Masirah

Debka File reports U.S. forces secretly gathering on two islands close to the southern end of the Straits of Hormuz. Up to one hundred thousand U.S. troops could be in the region by early March

The Wannsee Conference – Truth and Myth

The Wannsee Conference – Truth and Myth

Once again we learn that some Israelis are far ahead of the Western press and academia in their criticism of Jewish ideology in general and the Zionist Holocaust narrative in particular

Whipped Onward and Hammered Home

All of us are subject to some degree of ‘doom and gloom’ due to the tenor of the times but I can tell you with confidence that along with the nasties on the menu, some extraordinarily wonderful things are going to happen

US was Target of Libyan-Style "Revolution"

US was Target of Libyan-Style “Revolution”

The US Civil War took place for reasons similar to the “Arab Spring” revolution that overthrew Muammar Gaddafi. Yes folks, Gadhafi may have been the Abraham Lincoln of our day. Henry Makow explains

US vs Iran, coming this May!

Scheduled for conversion into a so-called ‘mother ship’ – a floating base for amphibious Special Forces operations – the U.S.S. Ponce shouldl be ready for deployment in the Persian Gulf by May

20 Signs That Europe is Plunging into a Full Blown Economic Depression

Will the rest of the globe be able to escape a similar fate?

Laser-guided smart-bombs: Made in Iran

Laser-guided smart-bombs: Made in Iran

Iran unveiled new domestically developed weapons technology Monday, including laser guided munitions

U.S. Drones Patrolling Its Skies Provoke Outrage in Iraq

Despite having officially withdrawn its military, the U.S. still about two-dozen U.A.V.s in Iraq, some of which are still operational

Iran a year away from nuke, says US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta

Iran is about a year away from developing a nuclear weapon, says Defence Secretary Panetta: “IF they (Iran) decided to do it”. In other words Iran does not have an active nuclear weapons program

New York Times Hypes Israeli Attack On Iran

New York Times Hypes Israeli Attack On Iran

As long as the myth of Israel’s insecurity pervades American political life, an incumbent desperate to get re-elected just might feel forced to let the Israelis attack Iran

Resist Biometrics – Your Liberty Depends on It

The vision of the goyim as cattle is coming true. Biometrics is the human equivalent of a dairy cow’s ear tag

New Research Show Earth Has Not Cooled in 15 Years

New research findings look set to challenge the notion of man-made global warming

The Wandering Hugh

The Wandering Hugh

The Palestinian Solidarity Campaign has effectively been hijacked and used to undermine anti-Zionist organisations. As a result new, authentic ant-Zionist groups like deLiberation have emerged. Gilad Atzmon explains

That Hotpants Romance under the Lights of Broadway

Materialism gives birth to mimicry, where the shadow pretends to be the light. What happens is you get a false light; like the lights on Broadway (cue George Benson), or the lights of Las Vegas

Americans will be transferred to foreign prisons under Indefinite Detention act

By signing NDAA FY2012, President Obama authorised sending Americans to the same torture cells that have kept al-Qaeda and Taliban-linked terrorists for the last decade

Hungary Court Hears Wiesel’s “Holocaust Lies” in Controversial New Case

Hungary Court Hears Wiesel’s “Holocaust Lies” in Controversial New Case

Former concentration camp inmate claims famed “Holocaust survivor” stole friends identity

The US And Israel Have Resumed Plans For The Largest Joint Missile Drill Ever

The biggest ever joint US-Israeli military drill has been re- scheduled for October with US officers arriving in Israel next week to prepare

The present stands no chance against the past

The Independent is a paper that caters to pretentious middle-class liberals. So perhaps it’s no surprise that its one asset – Robert Fisk – has been given increasingly less prominence as he’s becomes more critical of Israel and the corporate media

The Article Jeff Rense Doesn't Want You to Read

The Article Jeff Rense Doesn’t Want You to Read

Was the disaster at Fukushima the result of sabotage? We leave you to decide