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Iran Navy chief Says Closing Gulf ‘Really Easy”

“Or as Iranians say it will be easier than drinking a glass of water,” Iran’s navy chief Habibollah Sayyari told Iran’s English language Press TV

Heavenly Wine and Purpose of Demonstration

Real angels, especially the big guns, are fearsome beyond description and their mere approach is sure to send most people into a trembling, bowel evacuating state of terror. Anyone who thinks differently hasn’t had the pleasure, or otherwise

Why attacking Iran is still a bad idea

Renowned through his study of Zionist influence on U.S. foreign policy with John Mearsheimer, Stephen M. Walt explains why there is no good cause for attacking Iran

Israeli President: We are buying up Manhattan, Hungary, Romania and Poland

“Thanks to our talent, our contacts and our dynamism, we get almost everywhere” – Israeli President Shimon Peres, Hotel Hilton Tel-Aviv, October 10, 2007

A Nour missile is fired from Iran's domestically designed and built Jamaran destroyer. Click to enlarge

Upping The Ante Over The Straits

Iran threatens to close off the strategic Straits of Hormuz if its oil is sanctioned

Warps and Woofs, Woo Woo and Wiffenpoofs

Certain stereotypes are true. I don’t much care what PC arguments anyone has about that. The point is, are these stereotypes cause for ridicule and contempt, or are they merely something to be observed and made aware of, within ones own mind?

The top 10 most censored Natural News stories of 2011

Even though all those stories were censored by the old school (dinosaur) media, they were widely read on the internet

One Nation Under The Drone: The Rising Number Of UAVs In American Skies

From the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan to the skies over America, the use of surveillance drones is spreading

More on the Holocaust Deception

And how President Obama has added to that deception with accounts of how an “uncle” of his helped “liberate Auschwitz”

Iran escalates psychological war after downing U.S. drone

Iranian defence minister says an attack on Iran would amount to “suicide” for the attacker

The Horse Latitudes of Interim

There is no more bitter pill than getting what you wanted and then realizing the cost and what attends it

UK Charity With Mossad Links Secretly Denounced Anti-Zionist Jews To Government

UK Charity With Mossad Links Secretly Denounced Anti-Zionist Jews To Government

Are militant Zionists working against Israel’s critics in Britain in the guise of a charity?

Gunman opens fire on NATO troops in Afghanistan

If the gunman is confirmed an Afghan soldier, the shooting would be the latest in a series of attacks by Afghans against coalition partners

Iranian frigate the Jamaran

Iran building its second naval destroyer

Currently engaged in war games in Iran’s southern waters, the Iranian built Jamaran-1 will soon be joined by a second indigenously designed and built destroyer

Stop teaching about the holocaust so that children see Germany in a better light, says Lord Baker

How will the Zionist lobby respond to this call by a former secretary of education?

The Snow Fronde

The Snow Fronde

Though the Snow Fronde (aka “condom revolutionaries”) are not well known outside of Moscow, people in general would passively accept the fall of Putin, just as they previously accepted the fall of the Tsar and of Gorbachev

Putin team defiant after protest rocks Russia

Police put the numbers at 29,000 but correspondents said the turnout was clearly bigger

Patriot missile system

Patriot Missiles Seized, Sold To China by Israel

Demanded by Israel as protection from a possible retaliatory strike from Iran, the missiles were part of a top-secret consignment. Sources describe the disclosure of this technology as a “disaster”

Turkey accuses France of genocide in Algeria

Turkey’s ‘s prime minister has accused France of having committed genocide during its colonial occupation of Algeria in the latest round of the worst diplomatic row between the two Nato allies in more than a century

US Aircrafts Drop Spy Devices in Syrian Town

US Aircrafts Drop Spy Devices in Syrian Town

Indicating covert Western involvement in events unfolding in Syria?