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In the land of facades, mark the first signs of an Indian spring

After the “Arab spring” is an Indian spring forthcoming?

A History Of Cultural Marxism ~part 1 & 2

A History Of Cultural Marxism ~part 1 & 2

Interesting look into the origins of political correctness

Is the fabric of industrialized society starting to unravel?

Why is the U.S. government stockpiling food, medical supplies and weapons? Are they making preparations for social collapse?

Paul Assails Rivals’ Criticism of His Policy on Iran

“Right now there are no signs” that Iran is trying to build a bomb, says the presidential hopeful and he fears an overreaction could lead to war

US unveils new helicopter-like surveillance drone

US unveils new helicopter-like surveillance drone

To be deployed in Afghanistan initially but we suspect that it wont be long before it’s flying over the U.S. too

Gaza rockets hit Israel after overnight air strikes

Gaza rockets hit Israel after overnight air strikes

More rockets are fired from Gaza as Israel prepares for another bloody incursion into Palestinian territory. Are they being fired by Mossad operatives to justify another Israeli incursion into Gaza?

China, Japan to Back Direct Trade of Currencies

Dispensing with the dollar, from next year trade will be conducted directly in the yen and yuan

Stuxnet weapon has at least 4 cousins: researchers

Stuxnet weapon has at least 4 cousins: researchers

Researchers believe new cyber weapons can be developed from the virus. “It’s like a Lego set”, one researcher said. “You can assemble the components into anything: a robot or a house or a tank”

Afghan soldier kills French troops

An increasingly familiar report indicative of growing Taliban infiltration of Afghan security forces

The Iowa Caucus and Iran

The Iowa Caucus and Iran

Iran has been the subject of a Zionist war strategy for years in the same way that Zionists declared war on Germany long before the invasion of Poland in 1939. So much now depends on the January 3 Republican caucus in Iowa

Ron Paul: Sanctions against Iran are ‘acts of war’

“I think we’re looking for trouble because we put these horrendous sanctions on Iran,” Paul told a midday audience at the Hotel Pattee in Perry, Iowa

Blitzgrieg der Wunderbar, Together we Are

How does this not come around to you sooner or later? Think about it. Think hard. It is on your doorstep

Gaza: IDF Chief Benny Gantz Warns Of Major Military Offensive

Nearing the third anniversary of Operation Cast Lead IDF chief warns of pending offensive against Gaza

Iranian Navy no match for US battle group – Russian military official

“The Iranian Navy’s combat resources are incomparable with the potential of the US aircraft carrier group,” says Russian Deputy Navy Commander Adm. Ivan Kapitanets

Iran Has Shot Video of US Aircraft Carrier

“An Iranian vessel and surveillance plane have tracked, filmed and photographed a U.S. aircraft carrier as it was entering the Gulf of Oman from the Persian Gulf,” says Iran’s naval chief

RQ-170 Drone seized by Iran in 2011.

An accelerating covert war with Iran: Could it spiral into military action?

The ‘downing’ of a top secret U.S. drone highlights the ongoing intelligence campaign against Iran. But could a miscalculation cause it to erupt into a full-scale military confrontation?

U.S. warns Iran against closing Hormuz oil route

U.S. navy spokeswoman warns that any attempt to close shipping lanes in the Persian Gulf “will not be tolerated”

The Obama Nation: Even More Debt And Even More Store Closings

Both parties promise they’ll change things for the better if only voters send them Washington. How much longer will it be before Americans wake up to their lies and empty promises?

‘US, Israel discuss ‘triggers’ for Iran attack’

In other words the U.S. and Israel are now looking for ways to justify attacking Iran

Preparing to Attack Iran with Nuclear Weapons: “No Option can be taken off the Table.”

As Michel Chussudovsky explains, the idea of a nuclear attack on Iran is a very real possibility. Includes video