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Dr. Nick Begich: HAARP, Secret Sciences & High Tech Mind Control 3/5

“What we do know is that in states of fear, worry and anxiety you cannot …ever reach your higher capacity as a human being. So the easiest mind-control technique: keep people in a state of fear and worry and agitation”

The Zombie Children From Deadweight City

Perverse as it may seem, a lot of child molestation and kiddie porn has to do with a drive to recover one’s innocence without being aware of it at all. It’s also about power and being in control because we don’t feel in control and we desperately desire it

Iran To Expel British Ambassador

The Iranian legislator has voted to downgrade the country’s diplomatic ties with Britain

Three People in this marriage: the PSC, the JC and Harry’s Place

Zionist agents are infiltrating pro-Palestinian groups. This has become increasingly apparent after some of them began actively boycotting musician and writer Gilad Atzmon. Laureen Booth explains

Iran threatens to target NATO missile shield in Turkey if attacked by US or Israel

Turkey could find itself caught in the crossfire if conflict erupts with Iran

Drones to patrol the skies above Olympic Stadium

By the time the Olympics comes around you should be getting acquainted with the notion that someone is watching over you … for your own good, of course

The Illuminati Hoodwink Extravaganza

You think people really notice these things? When will the world realize how hoodwinked it is?

Buchenwald Memorial Archivist Cannot ID Elie Wiesel as an Inmate

Buchenwald Memorial Archivist Cannot ID Elie Wiesel as an Inmate

But accepts that Wiesel was interned at Buchenwald on the basis of New York Times claims, which in turn were based on a photo now in dispute

Gould-Werrity: A Real Conspiracy, Not a Theory

Former British envoy finds more evidence of Zionist efforts to cover up a planned attack Iran on Iran

Loss and Recovery in the Stream of Life

It seems to me that we now approach a time of trial and tribulation on a grand scale. I do not expect the trial and tribulation to be for those who are more rooted in spiritual nature. I expect it more for those rioting over plastic garbage in big stores

Senator Lieberman Urges Google to Increase Censorship of Anti-West Blogs

Wants legislation passed to shut down Internet content deemed dangerous to U.S. interests. Includes video

The BBC’s hidden ‘warmist’ agenda is rapidly unravelling

An unhealthily close relationship has developed between the BBC and organisations professionally and commercially involved in promoting the idea of “global warming”

Global warming much less serious than thought

A U.S. government funded study has concluded what many have long thought

Pakistan Closes Vital Supply Route To Afghanistan

After NATO helicopters attack border crossing leaving as many as 25 Pakistani soldiers dead

Monti Says Merkel, Sarkozy Agree Italy Default Would Lead to End of Euro

The Italian recovery is coming to a standstill and a contraction of 0.2 percent in the Italian economy has been predicted for the fourth quarter

The Hermit Crabs of Leviathan

Some people reverse their directions after a long way down the wrong road. It happens. Transformation can come in the blink of an eye, once the eye has opened and can actually see

Exile dreams of a bloodless return after a life spent opposing Assad regime

Like all exiles, senior representative of the exiled Syrian National Council, Khaled Khoja basks in a strange mixture of fantasy and reality. He talks to Robert Fisk in Istanbul

Iran's Qader anti-ship missile. Click to enlarge

Iran navy gets new missile systems

Further enhancing the Islamic Republic’s ability to close off the Persian Gulf in the event of hostilities

'Iran CIA agent arrests linked to missile testing'

‘Iran CIA agent arrests linked to missile testing’

Analysts claim Iran moving and testing missiles “that would form the first response” in the event of an Israeli military strike on its nuclear facilities

Thanksgiving and the Absence of Gratitude and Manners

The disappearance of manners and gratitude is tied to values. When one’s values become crass and preeminently superficial, gratitude and manners go out the window