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Civilians accuse NATO of massacre in Sirte raids

Refugees fleeing the besieged Libyan city of Sirte have accused NATO of “genocide”

White House Insider: “They Are Crumbling In Amongst Themselves”

White House Insider: “They Are Crumbling In Amongst Themselves”

Word from an insider on the inner workings of the White House reveal a truly disturbing picture

Iran Fires Back at Al Qaeda With Another CIA Conspiracy

Iran Fires Back at Al Qaeda With Another CIA Conspiracy

ABC News not only misinforms its readers but insults their intelligence as it tries to cover the facts, literally, with claims of “conspiracy theories”

Genocide in Japan!!!

Having recently returned from Japan, British scientist Professor Chris Busby explains why Fukushima is “probably the worst nuclear disaster in human history and certainly worse than Chernobyl”

CDC now calling U.S. households and demanding child immunization records as part of vaccine surveillance and tracking program

This is not about public health, it’s about maximizing profits, even if children and teens are permanently harmed in the process

Police ban Bible in Christian café

Lancashire Police have told the owner of a Christian café in Blackpool, England, that he is not allowed to display Bible verses because they breach public order laws

Are They Really the People of the Book?

Are They Really the People of the Book?

Veterans Today’s Editor Gordon Duff noted yesterday that ‘few books have been opposed as this one has’. And it hasn’t even been published yet!!

Signs of the Times in the Crosshairs

Scientology is very definitely a mind control operation and they very definitely go after people. Signs of the Times is not, which is probably why the French authorities are after them

Iran leader’s 9/11 conspiracy theories irk al-Qaida

The fact that al-Qaeda is now taking issue with Ahmadinejad over his “9/11 conspiracy theories” confirms what many have long suspected: that it is a creation of western intelligence to justify the “War on Terror”

The Dangerous Cult of the Guardian

Has a one time bulwark of liberalism become part of the Thought Police for the Internet age?

Iran says it delivers new cruise missiles to navy

Iranian navy takes delivery of new domestically developed naval cruise missile. Includes video

Roubini & Soros: U.S. Already In Double Dip Recession; Warn of Uprising

George Soros says Europe could be “more dangerous” to the global financial system than the Lehman Brothers in 2008. This could have serious ramifications on the other side of the Atlantic, resulting in widespread civil unrest

France: Iran faces high risk of military strike. Russia practices Iranian reprisal

DEBKA Files reports that Russia is taking French warnings of a strike on Iran very seriously. Having just completed massive military exercises simulating one possible outcome

Nick Cage is a Vampire and I am the Wizard of It

On bad movies, plagiarism and how the time has come to make a change from the life you knew into something better

French Rafale jet flanked by 3 Mirage 2000-N. Click to enlarge

France threatens military action against Iran

France’s UN envoy has warned Iran that it faces a possible military strike if it continues with its nuclear program

Lucifer Rising

Kevin Boyle on a sure sign that we live in an age of Judeo-Masonic Luciferianism. Includes video

Money to Explode

Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray on the colossal costs of the Libyan campaign – which has been borrowed just as NATO members are at the heart of the world financial crisis

81% of Americans Dissatisfied With Federal Govt

New poll finds mounting dissatisfaction with the Federal Government with many seeing it as the real threat to their freedom

Iranian warship Jamaran fires a  missile, reported to be a Noor, a long-range anti-ship  missile manufactured by Iran and  based on the Chinese C-802, in an exercise in the  southern waters of Iran, Tuesday, March 9, 2010.

Iran Could Deploy Navy Near U.S. Coastline

The commander of Iran’s navy ups the ante with the West, hinting the Iranian navy could soon sail close to U.S. coastal waters

Subliminal propaganda on Shortland Street

It’s happening across the globe; subtle, subliminal propaganda broadcast by the corporate media is being used effect social change, which the target audience is often completely unaware of. This example from New Zealand