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Iceland and the IMF part company

Readers may have noticed that Iceland hasn’t been prominent in the “news” recently. That’s because following the recent economic crisis, Iceland has regained a measure of stability – without the aid of international bankers

A story missing from our media: Iceland’s on-going revolution

Iceland has thrown off the chains imposed on it by international bankers, pulled back from the brink of financial servitude and undergone something of a revolution. Which is why, in contrast to 2008, stories about Iceland are absent from the corporate media

Mea Culpa, Deus Ex Vomitus

I’ve walked into places of darkness and light that defy description and it was only made possible because I had nothing left to lose. Think about that the next time you go shopping without actually having a reason

Times loses almost 90% of online readership

Less than three weeks after the paywall went up in June, Murdoch’s Times lost almost 90% of its readers and has probably lost even more since

Iran Calls on Syria to Recognize Citizens’ Demands

Perhaps in recognition that Assad’s days in power maybe numbered, Iran’s foreign minister has called upon Syria to listen to protester’s “legitimate” demands

Stephen Lendman Talks to Gilad Atzmon About the Wandering Who?

Stephen Lendman talks to Gilad about his latest book. Audio link

US Not To Probe Israeli Data Theft

Just as US authorities didn’t probe well-founded claims of Israeli involvement in 9/11, they are now refusing to investigate allegations of Israel’s theft classified US industrial data. Includes excerpts from Carl Cameron’s historic broadcast

Prosecuting war crimes? Be sure to read the small print

It’s good to see bad guys behind bars. Especially if they’re convicted

Norwegian Police Confirm Drill Identical to Breivik’s Attack

Norwegian Police Confirm Drill Identical to Breivik’s Attack

Just as on 7/7 a private security firm was running an exercise on London Underground, or on 9/11 the secretive NRO held an exercise that mirrored the events of that day, Norwegian police ran a drill for a similar scenario. Includes videos

Israel wages war on Iranian scientists

At some point or other Iran may be forced to strike back

Reason for War: Gaddafi Wanted to Nationalise Oil?

In early 2009 Gaddafi announced that plans were underway to study the nationalisation of Libyan oil

Gulf Oil Spill Crisis Not Over: BP's Deepwater Horizon Well Is Leaking Again

Gulf Oil Spill Crisis Not Over: BP’s Deepwater Horizon Well Is Leaking Again

Expert on oil drilling disasters admits: “We may never be able to fully stop the leak”. Includes video

Talking bout the Balloon Red Ass of Pornographic Need

Part of me is saying, “Hold off Vis, let it happen and then turn on the compassion machine”. But another part wants to see a wall of charging water slam into Wall Street and wash the fountain pen killers out of their pricey suites

Riots, wild markets: Did space storms drive us mad?

Riots, wild markets: Did space storms drive us mad?

Or to put it another way: do stellar events influence human behaviour? Is there in fact some basis in astrology?

China rises: US warns Beijing is expanding its military power

Describing it as a “cock and bull” assessment, China has rejected the conclusions of an annual Pentagon report on the state of its armed forces

Migration to UK rises by 21% despite coalition clampdown

The fact that immigration has risen, despite widespread opposition in an already overcrowded island and pledges by the government to curb it, tells us that those in authority have been instructed to let it to continue

The Flag and the Penis

We suspect that the judge in this case was motivated by more than a desire for justice

History repeats itself, with mistakes of Iraq rehearsed afresh

There maybe no walls around it yet but the massive presence of Western diplomats, oil-company men, Western mercenaries and shady British and French servicemen – all pretending to be “advisers” rather than participants – is the Benghazi Green Zone

Skateboarding with a Bent Wheel in Visiblandia

In times of darkness what is suicidal and wrong, takes upon itself the appearances of something that is good. Logic is a fine tool but logic can be used to argue anything from any position and make whatever it is arguing for seem logical and appropriate

Ron Paul: We May Have to Accept Iran Nukes

This could spell the end for Paul’s presidential hopes as the Zionists will not accept a president who wont support Israel 100%. Whether Americans do depends on whether they can think for themselves and the degree to which their politics is controlled