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Larry Silverstein no response to WTC 7 lies

Watch We Are Change confront Larry Silerstein over WTC 7. His response in having the questioner thrown out is telling, as is the lack of response from the assembled corporate media quislings

Shit and Shinola on the Banks of the River of Darkness

He’s back and on form, a veritable light in the darkness just before dawn

US stays silent on 64 Americans deaths

The U.S. has yet to officially respond to Taliban claims that 64 American led troops were killed in two separate incidents last Saturday

A Watershed Moment In The March To Financial Armageddon

The problem with all these Bailouts is that they are not cancelling debts. In fact they are increasing the amount of unpayable debts by tens of trillions of dollars

9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out Trailer;, 9/11/11 Anniversary DVD

On the 10th anniversary Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth release a new film that illustrates why the official version of events is flawed. Includes trailer, screen times and venues

Megan Fox Removes Marilyn Monroe Tattoo, Claims it Brings “Negative Energy”

Megan Fox Removes Marilyn Monroe Tattoo, Claims it Brings “Negative Energy”

She’s beautiful and maybe not so dumb too.

Exploiting Norway’s Terror

In the wake of any major terrorist event, it’s generally worth noting who is especially quick off the mark to exploit the tragedy

Palestinians call for investigation into high incidence of illness in Israeli jails

A significant number of detainees die shortly after being released from prison

How al-Qaeda got to rule in Tripoli

Pepe Escobar echoes what Webster Tarpley has been saying when he writes that although Gaddafi may have been a dictatorial relic from another age, NATO helped oust him with the help of al-Qaeda

Getting Rid of Little Georgie Sorrows Shingles

I’m an optimist most of the time. It’s how I’m made. I’m an optimist due to what I hear from my invisible friends. However, this doesn’t change the approach and immediacy of spectacular change on the horizon

Iran Hikers: U.S. Government Pawns

Using the young hikers’ case to portay Iran negatively also serves to distract from the fact that the U.S. itself is holding a number of Iranian political prisoners, some held in the United States and others held in Iraq

Leaked Rare Video Missile Hitting Pentagon on 9/11

Is it a bird? A plane… or a cruise missile? Hitherto unseen video footage of something striking the Pentagon on 9/11

Israel's Image Won't Improve Without Policy Changes

Israel’s Image Won’t Improve Without Policy Changes

The unfortunate truth is that “Israel,” associated with anything except hi-tech and security products, is proving to be an increasing liability.

‘NATO uses al-Qaeda to topple Gaddafi’

Historian and author Webster Tarpley tells Press TV that NATO used al-qaeda to topple the last remnants of Gaddafi’s regime

What I Learned About Libya and Qaddafi

This is not posted to defend Qaddafi but because it raises some interesting questions about the reasons behind his overthrow and who will benefit

Iran Starts Mass-Production of Home-Made Anti-Armor Rockets

Iran Starts Mass-Production of Home-Made Anti-Armor Rockets

Iran’s steady advances in the field of military technology is seen as delaying a U.S. and/or Israeli military strike

Why the Fukushima disaster is worse than Chernobyl

Professor Tim Mousseau, a biological scientist who has spent more than a decade researching the genetic impact of radiation around Chernobyl, says he worries that many people in Fukushima are “burying their heads in the sand”

Pre-war Iraq ‘was no threat to UK’

Tony Blair was told prior to the 2003 invasion that Iraq posed no threat to Britain, says former MI5 chief

Israel “could not stop” nuclear Iran with one strike

The admission from an Israeli official means one of two things: either Israel’s leaders have grasped the consequences of a counter strike and shelved plans to attack Iran. Or more ominously, they plan to get the U.S. to do their dirty work

Former Vice President Al Gore: Global warming sceptics are this generations racists

Soon those who don’t buy into the idea of man made global warming will be being compared to “Nazis” and “anti-Semites”. Includes video