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Organized Political Terrorism: The Norwegian Massacre, the State , the Media and Israel

Norway has no problem dispatching 500 troops to Afghanistan or providing six jets and pilots to bomb Libya, writes James Petras. Yet they can’t find a helicopter or a rowing boat to transport police a couple hundred yards to stop a domestic terrorist

The Arab world’s dictators cling on, but for how long?

The reverberations continue across the region: mounting anger in Egypt over the slow pace of reforms; reports of continued unrest in Syria; and now protests have even spread to Israel too

150,000 protesters take to streets around the country calling for reform of welfare state

150,000 protesters take to streets around the country calling for reform of welfare state

Echoes of the “Arab Spring” are now being heard in Israel. Thousands of youngsters have pitched tent-camps and are protesting across the country. Includes video

Out of Control Weather

Not just “global warming” but reports of weather extremes of all types are coming in from all over the world

Researchers Concerned about the Creation of Human/Animal Hybrid “Monsters”

Science is edging closer to the nether world envisaged in Frankenstien or The Island of Dr Moreau

Hewitt wants Met to reopen case of Diana’s stolen letters

The phone hacking scandal has prompted calls for Metropolitan Police to reopen its investigation into the theft of love letters written by Princess Diana. Indirectly, the letters and the ongoing controversy also threaten to expose Piers Morgan’s involvement in phone hacking

Mr Apocalypse and his Walking Stick

Mr. Apocalypse is the greatest public servant of all. He has rectitude and integrity like Rothschild has paper; paper, rock, scissors? Mr. Apocalypse is ultra-abled; he’s got fire and water too

Former French FM: Israel Controls French Intelligence, Lobby Pressures US President

Former French FM: Israel Controls French Intelligence, Lobby Pressures US President

Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas wrote recently that “The Israelis are doing whatever they want in France, and are controlling French Intelligence”

What’s really in the food?

The A to Z of the food industry’s most evil ingredients

GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, The Head Of Obama’s Jobs Council, Is Moving Jobs And Economic Infrastructure To China At A Blistering Pace

The head of Barack Obama’s “Jobs Council”, is helping accelerate China’s rise even while he assists in America’s demise

Mystery over Libyan rebel commander’s death

Questions over the killing of the head Libyan rebels armed forces and two of his aides after he was summoned to appear before a judicial inquiry in Benghazi

De-Zionification Now

What on earth did the board of ‘progressive’ Guardian editors have in mind when they nominated the Zionist, pro-war and openly Islamohopbic Harry’s Place as one of their favourite political blogs?

Palestine and the Irresistible Winds of Change

The bad guys have painted themselves into a corner and by whatever exit they seek to leave, their footprints will follow them. No matter how they spin it their day is at an end

DNA samples of the innocent will be kept after all

DNA samples from up to one million people who have not committed any crime will be retained – despite a government promise to bin them.

Israel Subsidies Untouched by US Budget Crisis

Meanwhile Israel is suing a group of Bedouin Palestinians for the cost of forcibly demolishing their village. Includes video revealing the full extent of U.S. financial support for Israel

Israel is paying internet workers to manipulate online content

The Zionist state is paying and training internet bloggers to delete, rewrite, and revise internet content to help shape public opinion for Israel’s benefit

Iranian shot dead was nuclear specialist

New information indicates that the man shot down in a Tehran street last Saturday was in fact a scientist involved in Iran’s nuclear program and not an electronics student, as Iran claims

U.S. missile shield may be precursor for Iran attack – Rogozin

Russia’s envoy to NATO said on Thursday that the United States might use the European missile defense project as preparation for an attack on Iran

Be and Become what you Aspire To

So long as you see yourself at a distance from the thing you seek then you are at a distance. You become what you identify with

The Friday 22 Massacre

With time we’ll recognise the cinematic quality of Utoya Massacre being drawn from trashy horror movies. Israel Shamir analyses the events of Friday July 22